Buying 10 RBG wins for legion tint

I’m looking to buy 10 RBG wins on my hunter for the legion tint, its the only one I don’t have lol.

whyy ? pathetic just farm it yourself can literally yolo to 1600


Doragodx#1767 if you need help :]

Apparently it’s not; the LFG tool isn’t good enough and Solo-queue is needed.

most likely they are lazy you only need 10 wins its not hard to do they can try doing it now or wait for solo q if the solo q even counts towards it

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People begging for solo-queue due to being too lazy to invite first 9 and insta q like solo-queue would x)

Highly unlikely this brawl will count towards this reward though.

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i mean yeah literally thats al op has to do is make his own 1/3/6 group or join one . 10 wins isnt that hard to do plus you dont have to rush it all in one go either . His best bet would be to wait for fresh season to start since itll only be a brawl and not actual rated solos yet hes got some time .

Yes, you are correct, I’m rich and lazy. I won’t deny it lol.


You quit streaming? Haven’t noticed a notification in a while.

Oh damn… you know who I am? lol Who are you? And yes, with my new job I’m not allowed to do outside business without getting it approved. I will though.

What do you mean by legion tent just curious because across like 20 toons I probably have over 300 rated bg wins

Yup, I did this to kill time back in Shadowlands - no need to buy boosts

  1. list a YOLO group yourself
  2. just invite random people (you can invite a random comp and still get wins at low rating)
  3. you should get the 10 required wins fairly quickly since with low CR you’ll just get paired up against other bad players

Bonus strat if you happen to play a “meta” spec like Guardian Druid, VDH, or a healer (always needed):

  1. just spam-apply to random RBG groups until you get an invite

I just queued as Guardian Druid and spam-applied to every YOLO group that I saw, got invited pretty quick. I think I got all the tints I wanted on that toon by the time I was like ~1500 rating

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and your point is ? ive hit 1800 on this toon b4 . wow you got me there i barley played this season because guess what most my time played has been on my evoker shocking , and then i do alot epics and play alts . o no whatever shall i do how dare i not strictly do nothing but rbgs this season .

ive won 17 rbgs on my evoker this season from all just joining any yolo group that was posted before i got bored

also idk why you are flaming me the highest youve ever gotten was 1600 in rbgs so

The nerf to CC has made RBG pretty stale, and probably will get worse with healers having 90 second trinkets next season.

Ppl I play with would rather GDKP on classic or play RScape - as would I.

I’ve started playing again this week to practice for S3.

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I think his point is, that despite what you say, you couldn’t even yolo 5 wins out of almost 20 games.

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I would presume the point is that with stats like yours you probably shouldn’t toss around the word pathetic.


thats cute but clearly ive yolod 17 on my evoker so

its a yolo its not like im joining carry groups and or not like im joining serious groups either , i expect there to be a few losses its yolo for a reason still won 17 anyway . you dont have to be 300-1 to unlock a tint from legion either is my point .

*60 second healer trinkets

What has that got to do with you being 4-15?

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