Button Bloat, please NERF

everyone has their preferences.

it makes the class more interesting. classes like bm hunter & dh bore me to death, i prefer a bit more challenging playstyle.

For the most part button bloat is good and offers some distinction in play style.

You can’t truly balance the classes regardless of the number of buttons. If it ever became truly balanced nobody would die.

I think having a lot of abilities is exactly what an RPG should provide.

if this were actually true…

then you’d know there was a time when the game was much more popular and played and had tons more buttons and abilties.

this genre isn’t for you.

Your rounding up a few years (also your account achieves say you’re pretty much a late cata/mop baby). If you were a old school vet you would know the “bottom bloat” has been on a decline with every xpack, WoD did the most pruning by gutting most of the classes.

You guys saying there is no button bloat issue, or adapt with the times are nuts.

Any vet will tell you, that has played since Vanilla, that the game feels less fun and unbalanced because of it.

I have 59 keybinds, surely you can manage 20.

Yeah I liked a lot about FFXIV except 2 things:

  1. The setting wasnt my favorite
  2. I looked up a rotation as I was leveling up. Saw like a 15 button OPENER, then the actual rotation and said F this…

Classic is more an MMORPG than that - thats just a action console game pretending to be a computer MMORPG

Really? I would say going from autoattack, shadowbolt spam or wanding to even pushing 3 or 4 buttons would be considered bloat.

Still miss the EQ days of auto attack, plus an occasional bash or kick thrown in for good measure

You must of never played a bard, song twisting x4 songs while also instrument swapping when needed. G15 keyboards were insanely popular with the EQ playerbase for good reason.

Caster wise, there was a lot of spells to bind, at least there was for clerics and shamans.

Of course not. Bard?

Cleric. Sit and med waiting for your 1 cast of complete heal in the chain.

And yes I mained Shaman but refused to canni-dance because that kind of playstyle is STUPID

There is too much bloat.

Yah Brew probably has the worst button bloat of any class.

At what point is a casual player actually going to need this utility.

The game is so braindead easy now, even +16 keys are just a casual afternoon and do not require traps at all.

WoW has been out for 18 to 19 years. Just pointing that out.

Oh no, it’s not like you can “yeslife” the game… /s

Then play with less then that. Or find ways to optimize that in a way that fits all or most of that. Like Mod alt Macros.

Okay, then spec into less buttons. Heck, you don’t even have to use any of the buttons. Problem solved.

Oh no, it’s not like you can just… idk, get good, learn the game, and etc? Nah that’s crazy talk! /s

Yes, let’s make it completely boring and samey with no flavor and just have it be a 1 button click combo because Calyope can’t be bothered to learn the game. /s

Luckly for you, Activision has a popular First person shooter series that will allow you to do just that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, we can have balances, but balances doesn’t always mean at the cost of buttons because you don’t want to bother with learning how to play the game.

See ya next week.

…Yeah, how dare Blizzard doesn’t assume players are stupid and expect them to learn the game and play the game. That’s E-Sports level! /s

Same here, and i can handle more then “20” here. :laughing:

Also fun fact since the guy bought up controllers, you can have up to 48 button combonations at max with you know how work with the mod:alt/ mod shift to the triggers or etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

…You don’t play that much MMO’s or other PC exclusive games, do you?

Except MMO mouses can be used for literally any game, anything. Same with Guitar Hero controllers and Car driving wheel controller. Does not mean that’s it’s own purpose.

The casual players adapt too.

…Sounds like Apple, not gonna lie.

Simplicity doesn’t always make a thing better.

Oddly enough, i have less then 20, or at least 15 in my rotation. Just checked my BM monk just now.