Button Bloat, please NERF

I’m a 20 year vet of wow, and it is ridiculous how much no lifing they are forcing on us to play a game. A lot of us folks (the majority) keeping this game a live cannot do 20+ hotkeys to play a game. Its ridiculous even having more than 10 buttons to play the game. That’s why nothing can be balanced. To many cc’s on some classes ruining pvp meta. Streamline it already, and stop dragging your feet. 1 Fear, 1 escape. Stop bloating. Warlocks are invincible. Ss should have 1 range 1 melee 1 heals period. Two ranges should never be against a melee match up. So many easy fixes they just refuse. Im realllllllllly contemplating letting my account finally die, and save the money for other franchises that are a little more sensible on what is feasible to ask of a player. Tailoring the game to esports players skill level is absolutely ridiculous.


Sounds like consoles are more your speed, friend.



Nope. Pc gamer my whole life. Wow is the only game requiring 20+ buttons per engagement to play the game. Its not feasible and is leading to massive player base losses.


get an mmo mouse or arrange your keybinds better & you wont be so frustrated by it


If one need buy specialty equipment for a game specifically, that strengthens my arguement. Have a 14 buttons mouse, and keybinds. Still not enough reasonable combinations +being able to actually move.


switch to pally for the moment.

you either adapt with the times or get left behind. maybe play pokemon, that might be better for you.


I have 39 keybinds for Mythic Raszageth. It’s gotten pretty silly. (And Monks are especially bad right now.)


Adapt with the times? Mate. The casual player base is this games lifeline. They’ve built it like a poorly made min/maxing esport. Even the younger generation is scratching their head at the amount of keybinds to play effectively. When I, who does quite a bit of web 3 development, tells you, you have too many keybinds, you have to many keybinds. Not even writing in solidity or java do we have this much to memorize or use at every occasion. Its ridiculous. Look at poor BM Monks. 30+ buttons.


Why does working in web development = the authority on the amount of buttons on an action bar in wow?

On my disc I have like 30ish think 31 or 32 and it isn’t a problem and they are all useful abilities at some point during a dungeon.

10 buttons = homogenization of classes OR the utility gap made even wider and that’s a hard no from me.


Take some buttons off your bars.

Problem solved.


mate im 30 years old with arthritis & carpal tunnel on both hands & i can manage 36 buttons just fine.

it’s literally not that hard to the point where you’re scratching your head unless you have room temp iq.

like i said, use an mmo mouse or set your keybinds up more efficiently. that’s the best you can do if you want to enjoy your time on wow.


They redesigned ret because of bloat…then i logged into my brewmaster monk to level and hoooooooooooooooolllllyyyyyy #$@% the bloat is insane.


it would fix a few things, especially classes like dh, warrior and hunter from being overpopulated. it seems as if they are most played because players, especially new players dont want to have to deal with 30-40-50+ keybinds. not necessary. its a game.


Players: I do declare, there are too many buttons!

Bliz: Fine, we will change the tree and make more passives

Players: Rotations are so boring. There are just 2 buttons. worst gamer ever!

Bliz: Fine, here are more talents and more buttons to choose from.

Players: I do declare, there are too many buttons!


WoW really isn’t “too” bad compared to some older mmos out there but I hear ya. Once you start using shift, alt and ctrl modifiers it doesn’t become an issue. Also you rarely use ALL your abilities at the same time, many are quite situational.

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It’s not that simple, there’s a tremendous disparity between classes and specs. People who think there aren’t enough buttons just aren’t playing something with too many buttons.

For example, I play Brewmaster Monk and Guardian Druid. The difference in button quantity between them is crazy.


50+ keybinds to be competitive are majority of why I don’t multi class

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Funny enough, this can all be pressed with one hand. “Not feasible”

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I’ve dealt with this in the now by taking less essential buttons or ones I never want to accidentally press and not binding them. The times I have to click is hardly ever though, as most of these are stuff like tranq shot that you either need it for one encounter (so can swap it to a hotkey) or it’ll literally never see use.

Long term though, I was against the unprune and I hope they see their way to re-streamlining it. I don’t need arcane shot. I don’t need hunters mark. I don’t need a lot of that stuff because it’s often either beyond niche (mark for rogues in pvp? yet to find a pve reason for it) or strictly worse than other skills you get at a very low level.

I don’t feel like carrying arcane shot the entire life of the character because it was useful at level 5, but obsolete by 10. And there’s a whole lot of that for some reason. I don’t like having stuff completely off my bars because I always feel like it may come in handy. It seemingly never does though.

Other “classic” things I don’t care for: Talent Trees and Need/Greed.

I really want my aoe kit back without sacrificing single target and

I totally didn’t need to know I was the lowest roll on gear time after time. Do not need to greed ever, at least in LFR someone will always need so that’s a worthless feature. Then one jerk decides he won’t roll so now you have to wait out the timer. Seems like that happens too often. They need to at least go back to personal for lfr, need/greed has zero place in pugs.

I legit hate classic. They took away my dungeon finder and then split the base so the only other person I play with decided to become a classic head and I just couldn’t do it. It ended in him taking a long break after maxing a classic character, none of which I was there for, and here I am playing this entire expansion by myself. If classic didn’t exist he would’ve been in DF with me, even if he didn’t like the first hour of it I’d have preferred he not just say screw it and return to classic.

And I’m sure he quit early because I wasn’t playing with him, so it sucks both ways.


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