Button Bloat, please NERF

WoD is when the pruning happened

Source/citation please

I suggest you actually get a clue before pretending that you know what you’re talking about and stop pretending you’re good at the game.


I said bloat wasn’t the reason for the rework.

Sorry I had just woke up and quoted the wrong person.

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word, I was ready to be all snippy, I haven’t had the chance to sleep yet.

i just hit the glowy buttons to win

Literally the first change mentioned in the blue post:

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That really sounds like a you problem. Perhaps you should find another game to waste time with.

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:

Is it though, Im not even 1200 elo in AOE2 and I feel like I still have to use a large portion of the keybinds or I just lose. If you can’t keep up with the number of buttons you have to press and others can it means one of two things either you have something to improve on and a goal to achieve (being able to keep up with the competitive players) or competitive play at a high level isn’t for you. If you don’t like the number of buttons on classes might I suggest a MOBA they usually only have 3-5 buttons to press.

That’s not exactly true. Your mind would be blown by the amount of button bloat that current EverQuest has, and it’s older than this game by 5 years. It’s also the reason WoW exists at all. Some of the original devs were top end raiders recruited from EQ in the very beginning.

Shaman say, “Hi”. The way they made combat to ramp up makes some of these abilities I have to press feel bad.

That is the point for bears. They are intended to be the beginner tank class. With very simple rotations it allows new tanks to focus on learning the basics of tanking first.

Does not mean they should be disregarded in higher end content. There is a complete disconnect with some of the class designs. Shaman and Monk feel like I am playing an endless game of whackamole for a tiny bit of dps. Which by the time you might complete a cycle of that rotation to feel the damage, something always interrupts the long rotations.

Says who? Each class should have the ability to have have fun rotations and less intensive ones.

This is honestly why don’t play my priest there’s just too much going on

Says Blizzard, it both interviews and the obvious way they designed classes.

And that’s not to say I disagree with you. I would love if one side of the talent trees allowed for simple rotation and the other side more complex rotations. For example, I was quite disappointed to see the Outlaw talent trees didn’t really allow for an old style combat rogue… but here we are.

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If your main rotation is that high a number, that’s self-inflicted and probably deliberate.
Your inability to be efficient isn’t the game’s fault.


ok im sory

do u want to kill monfang

Macro and keybind, problem solved

No. They “nerfed” the amount of spells in WoD, Legion, and BFA and people hated it. Either pick more passives and take a bit of a DPS loss, or get better. There is no valid argument against this.

Dear god, this. I hated the spell contraction that WoD and Legion had. So many cool spells lost during that time.

Just because people have the option to take a new spell doesn’t mean you need to.

It’s like MoP all over again where they gave us reps and dailies and people decided they needed to do them all and blamed Blizzard for their boneheaded choices that lead to burnout.