Burning Crusade Classic: Zul'Aman is Now Open

Burning Crusade Classic: Zul'Aman is Now Open

Learn everything you need to know about the next content phase of Burning Crusade Classic.

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Ok Blizz gets to spam threads about things that are irrelevant to retail WoW but I don’t? No offense.


Double post?

This is a crazy short p3. Please don’t release p5 until LATER blizzard. Let us enjoy one of the best phases of WoW


Already lol jesus lol okay lol let’s get it in lol

Idk which thread to post in :sob:

nice little 5 day notice, actually a bad company now

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Guess they didn’t learn from when they planned their original tk ssc nerfs and had to walk them back hours later. Nice 5 day notice.

Isn’t this patch also supposed to remove BT/Hyjal attunes? like original

13 weeks of SSC/TK (no nerf)
7 weeks of SSC/TK (post nerf)

8 weeks of MH/BT before new phase with 5 days notice

Makes total sense.

Delay this patch. For another 4 weeks, like everyone expected.


ZA is a catchup raid, most classes have almost no bis items from there. Making ZA alone a full length phase would be a terrible idea, releasing it now makes perfect sense.


They want worlds first stuff to not be hours later. Got to surprise the bitter vets who will drop next phase.

You are not prepared.

hours later…illidan goes okay, you win. You were prepared.

so now they bank on top teams going damn…spouse/kids got me locked into something else.

Comparing ZA to a tier phase is silly. There isn’t much a reason to push out the ZA phase. Delaying the nerf patch people were rightfully wanting pushed back was a good call, but I really don’t see how ZA coming out March 22nd has any negative impact. If anything this will revitalize the heroic and older tier content, which definitely needs it right now.


Attunements for T6 were removed in Patch 2.4. ZA is patch 2.3. So… no, that’s not “like original.”

They want you to go buy a boost.

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Wow, you guys cry when there’s no content or nothing to do and cry when we get content released quickly.

Pick a side for gods sake. You either like it or hate it, cant have both ways.

Who cares!!! - we all know everyone here complaining about the 5 day notice has been thinking about WOTLK since TBC DAY ONE.

Enjoy it, it gives new people a chance to catch up and do something other than doing reg/heroic dungeons and dailies… this will let people badge up faster and bring players that quit - BACK to the game.

Its a smart move, cant wait.



All I gotta say is…


"The Elves took my eye, I took off my own arm to escape them.And now they fight along side the Horde. I spit on the Horde!!!

I hate you all but, I have a surprise for ya now.So come on in. The Amani never give up,we never forget,we never die…Dis is our land, you wanna stay you stay here forever, we gunna bury you here"

unironically a villain that is more cool than zovaal, lost his eye, lost his arm and is still fighting.

but yea why is this on GD.

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Awesome! More things to do is always a good thing, can’t wait to hop in!