Burning Crusade Classic: Zul'Aman is Now Open

Yes. This is it.

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Yeah, super weird. My immediate thought when I saw the title was that this should be in the classic forum.

Then I saw who posted it.

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Too soon.

More disappointingly, no pvp update? Give us our damn subjugation necks please.

any thought to making badges boa

still season 3 pvp?..guess its time to take time off of wow.

ill come back when season 3 is over.

Will Feral Druids now be able to use executioner and Mongoose this patch?

Nothing, in any game, should be bind to anything, ever.

Remember when there used to be hundreds or thousands of replies to these posts? Now there are 26… If that doesn’t speak to blizzard, what will.

uhh how about hunter, we have 4 items needed outta there that are BiS. 2 of Mojo Daggers, Ring and Trinket. Wish they didn’t rush this phase so quickly… kinda a bummer. So much gear that we JUST got is now literally useless…

I bring da pain , this was my first 10 man raid

why a thursday release???

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Does the badges from raids start dropping today or Thursday?

Blizzards new team members should really study the ten man runs in BC. as Karazhan and ZA are two of the best built and actually FUN dungeons in the game. My self I wish they would just focus on 10 man… make a lot more and easier to balance I think… basically two Heroic groups put together with some liking and extra healer… but we never needed 3 healer back in the day. those two raids had the Best BOSS mechanics