Burning Crusade Classic: The Dark Portal is Open!

Burning Crusade Classic: The Dark Portal is Open!

Gather your staunchest allies. It’s time to step beyond the Dark Portal and into the shattered realm of Outland.

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I got to level 2, realized the community was far more toxic and intentionally griefing my ability to complete quests, and quit.


Been there, done that. No thanks.

P.S. this isn’t classic GD.




Wait like one day at most for them to get bored.

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if someone tags the mob you are casting a fireball at,you don’t get that tag.

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Logged in.

Saw 50,000 blood elves in Eversong.

Noped out lol.

I hate crowds.


I get the feeling Blizzard is gonna post where they want to on their own forums…


BC is going to be a monster.

:surfing_woman: :surfing_man:


So someone else tags a mob and you claim intentional griefing to stop you from leveling?


Because it repeatedly happened over and over. Tried to group up, but nobody wanted to. tried to camp spawn points so I could get tags so I could quest, that didn’t work either because of instant casts people have that mages at level 2 dont… So yes, it was griefing.


It’s not griefing. It’s just classic being a terrible version of the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. Welcome to a busy game prior to multi-tagging. No one is intentionally griefing you.


Yall are really biting this obvious of a bait?

Hi, can anyone show me how to install wow classic era? my battlenet apps seems like missing the drop down for this. I have been trying to search on the site keep saying wow classic BC but nothing on classic era.

Fair point!


My classic 60 is on a dead realm for Horde. I don’t think it’s worth paying for a boost or a realm change to play, when I can do BC content my way right now.

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Welcome to classic WoW!

No, it wasn’t.

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Don’t care, I’ll still criticize as I please.

I want to add some constructive feedback here.

First thanks to developers for bringing the pre patch out and doing a great job with the server and development side of it. Yes we had to wait a while for it, but it was done to make sure everything went off without a hitch with the launch of the pre patch.

Im a firm believer of giving constructive feedback here. So heres a few points: content creators were warning us for weeks if not a few months now that the quest zones were going to be crowded. We were warned. Here’s what I want to add. Grinding is always an option. I rolled a belf earlier to see the new zone/new race and I was grinding without problems. I will go back later to complete quests when it’s less crowded.

But I just wanna say, plan ahead for quest area crowding. Classic launch itself had a huge player base launch month and it was really crowded. So I think this tbc pre patch launch is a good reflection of that. So in other words, have a back up plan while doing yalls leveling routes. Help each other out group up. The groups go faster at lower levels.

Im not an expert in any of this im just a dood who has been playing this game for a really long time. But yeah some of the like comments is just that some players need to have a back plan in their level routes. I Hit level 3 range just grinding mobs in the belf zone. but thats how I do I just adapt to things. Either way yall you guys are all great and keep the tbc hype alive!