Burning Crusade Classic Same-faction Battlegrounds

This all happened well into Cata and MoP when Mythic raiding was created and you had to be on the same server to participate.

This is Classic which may see WOTLK, it may not. I wouldnt worry about the WoD horde/alliance ratio in classic servers bud.


Now Blizzard PLEASE merge OCE with US with similar tech (search US after ~5 mins in queue) for arena and BGs. Arena is dead on OCE and our only option is to play in heavy peak times to get queues. :frowning:

Also Hurray! The pvp loot boxes are back for alliance!

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Most players who rolled Alliance did so at the start of Vanilla Classic which carried over to TBC knowing Alliance would have fast queues due to the vast majority of PvP players rolling Horde.


Thank you Kaivax. From an Alliance player. Our win rate dramatically increases during faction vs faction as Horde try a lot less harder due to not having to wait an hour between queues.


Well looks like I don’t need my alliance rogue anymore! /wave

what’s the reasoning for limiting premades. everyone is able to do it now this is just annoying and hurting people who like to play together.


http s://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/020/260/nilesyy-nilez.jpg

Yes, lets go ahead and delete a level 70 character fully attuned, mount, and ready for t5/p2 because horde get shorter queues for a week or two.

Sounds logical.

Are the loot bags for alliance coming back as well?

“We currently intend for this system to be in place for the rest of Burning Crusade Classic.”

Are you somehow missing this part?

We’re 3 months into the game. It’s not as big of a setback to reroll now as you keep making it out to be when you look at the quality of life of playing the advantaged faction for an entire year or more.

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So Holly and the rest of her team couldn’t come up with anything else except (maybe) a loot box for Alliance huh?

Kind of figured this would be the result. Not impressed.

I am glad Horde players who rolled Horde just because they wanted to play Horde as a faction wont continue to suffer and be unable to play the game.

Your design team doesn’t get a pass though. I’d have expected more of a backlash from Alliance players in TBC (and maybe we’ll see more of one going forward) but I also think the subscription numbers cratered recently so hey…on the bright side less people complaining while what’s left lasts?


So much for faction conflict and PvP faction imbalance. Honestly never thought Blizzard would make a permanent change this far removed from TBC.

If they can ignore faction conflict to benefit horde queues it’s only fitting they open up wPvP for hvh too.


Thank you for this! Hope you have a great day.

There goes the very last benefit of choosing the Alliance. I’m not going to re-roll, because I can’t stand playing on the Horde, but…I guess I’ll just stand by and watch as our population keeps dwindling.


I agree about fixing imbalance.
But how is this specially a horrible solution?

Its ok, ill still gank you in world pvp.

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just find the mount quest, it helps the overall performance of the Bg’s

It offers tangible benefits to the horde while throwing the Alliance 2-3g per victory (not per BG) as compensation. It essentially removes the last true incentive from playing Alliance, apart from aesthetics. There is now no single shining bullet point you can refer to when somebody asks “What are the pros and cons of choosing the alliance?”

Now we have:


The Alliance look better and have cooler cities.
Uhh…we have better low level questing zones, sort of?


Literally everything else.