Burning Crusade Classic Same-faction Battlegrounds

While the same faction bgs addresses horde queue times it actually makes the larger issue of faction imbalance worse.

One of the main incentives for being an underdog faction was fast PvP queues, now with that gone there is very little reason to keep any competitive players on alliance which starts a chain reaction of people either quiting or moving to horde. Eventually the alliance population will dwindle so much it will be hard to find a decent raiding guild / pre-made groups for BG’s or even tank/heals for dungeons.

Literally the exact thing has happened over on retail where as more people move to horde it has snowballed to pretty much everyone being forced to go horde.


Alliance players : Our server is imbalanced and the horde are PvPing me because I chose a PvP server and they are PvPing me too hard because of their long queues.

Blizzard: fixed queues

Alliance: Blizzard only helps the horde now I have to transfer off.

I mean come on which one is it lol.


EZ solution, just reroll horde:)


Kitchen sink time

just reroll bro!


Absolutely zero evidence that a massive volume of players are going to quit their Characters that are fully attuned, fully geared, all farmed up… and delete them (since you can’t have horde and alliance on the same server) just because horde now have fast queue times.

How dense are you?


guess they were smart enough to not listen to the 10 ppl on here complaining non stop about hvh


You absolute clowns


Could care less about HvH, I personally think it’s dumb, but whatever, it’s fine BG’s are just a means to an end so who cares. What I don’t think is right, is removing premades. Both factions have the chance to q with 10-15 players and premade, just because the alliance do it more doesn’t mean you should take it away. There are entire guilds that do full premades in their offtime because they enjoy the social aspect of the game. Taking away premades is negating one of the major draws of this being an MMO.


all the evidence is in retail.

look at the current content 100 horde guilds had filled HoF in the allocated time meanwhile only 12 alliance guilds had.

when playing an MMO you need population, if all the benefits are on 1 faction you can guarantee most people will end up there, why gimp yourself otherwise? unless your suggesting min-maxing isnt important for the majority of players in wow


Thank-you ! This is a LIFE CHANGER on OCE. Amazing :slight_smile: !!


Yeah, I am doing that already. Fighting other horde is only a solution for people who don’t actually want to play a game that feels anything like TBC.


Heck yeah boys. Thank you for the change!


Cool! I get to queue bgs again!


The 10 people who rerolled alliance who thought hvh was never coming back are just punchin air right now.

If you didnt rub salt in horde wounds for the last month I may even feel sorry for you.


You can explain this to them 100 times and they still won’t get it until we get to retail levels of faction imbalance (which is where this explanation is coming from, not just out of the blue, there is precedent) and they will say “how could we know it would lead to this”. But they don’t care, because they get to have their cake and eat it too.


Hurray! Queue up casual horde, I need 30k more to cap for season 2 :D.

Okay so, I want to know how many level 70 fully attuned alliance characters after reading this blue post are going to login to WoW. Delete their characters. And reroll horde as a direct result of Horde getting a week or two of HvH before it goes back to normal.

This is a bonus weekend to give Horde a CHANCE just to play and enjoy the game. The horde domination of PvE didnt start to happen until Cata and later, which who cares! This is classic and ending in WOTLK. Nobody cares about the mythic raiding of Cata and MoP here.

Horde is made up of people who got participation awards when they played sport as kids which has led to their feelings of entitlement


Bring back premades. Its not like there are many anymore anyway. Just let us have some fun please