Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

They raised the character limit. You’re not stuck with 10 per realm.

Each realm had dozens of farmers and levelers. Perhaps they’ll welcome some activity?

I come from my office and… Am I paying for bad service? Please bring Earthfury back!!!


You were supposed to make a new destination realm, not an old active destination realm with faction imbalance…this is seriously insane…how could you have not mentioned the destination realm at least. Now we have to pay money to go to playable factions again if we are alliance.

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I want EARTHFURY to come back NOW!!!


That’s just wishful thinking.

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They never, at any point, even implied they would be creating fresh realms for migrations. This reads as “I know you gave us a month and a half to move somewhere for free but I just decided to let you do it for me, but now I dont like where you moved me so Im going to cry.”
I get that their communication on this was absolutely atrocious, but letting them force migrate you was a really foolish move after free transfers were offered.

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My friends and I didn’t know about the server consolidation today, we don’t check the forums, and no message indicated there was a reason to. Are we really going to have to wait 2 weeks before we can play?

We are fine with Sulfuras, we just want to play.

For what it’s worth, a message for people who played on a server that was going to get retired would have been helpful so we could have taken advantage of the free server transfer. (If there was and we just didn’t notice it, sorry)


so earthfury wasnt one of the realms listed to be deleted, i like playing on smaller realms, i xfer 7 70’s off of rattlegore and find that earthfury seems to be gone. Was this just so you could move us where YOU wanted us?


If Earthfury had free transfers I would have been been out of there long ago.

Earth Fury has had free transfers for a month and a half. Look at ironforge when all the horde stopped raiding on there was about 2 weeks after they opened. Sulf, grob, and two oceanic realms were available.

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I just came back to classic 3 days ago, any clue when my characters will be on Sulfuras time wise?

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What about for bad grammar?


they said it could be up to two weeks. before those characters are available for play again.

I have not seen a single thing regarding EarthFury and Free Transfers.

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“All player-characters remaining on these realms will be automatically moved to a new destination realm”

Maybe you should read the original post before commenting.

“automatically moved to a NEW destination realm”…NEW’s definition from dictionary . com is “of recent origin, production, purchase”

Sulfuras is not a new server. It’s been around since 2019.

Says who? Your inferred meaning around a subjective, qualitative description appears to have done you no favors.

Sulfuras is an existing server.

and “new” is relative

They were available everyone on horde was talking about it for like a week in trade chat. Blizzard never annouced but the option was there. I made an alliance char just to go tell them, but they didnt seem to care. Not saying it was handled well at all.