Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

You guys are such a joke, a bunch of clowns taking care of the game doing an abysmal job
You ruin the servers, did the worst job ever handling migration and also consolidation in every way possible



I agree totally. The “threshold” or algorithm they use to determine which servers migrate, merge or have free transfers to help balance is a TRASH system that needs to be fixed and improved on… This bad planning literally KILLS the community, servers and stops people playing altogether… Including myself. You guys (blizzard) act too slowly, this should be a full time job for someone to manage, constantly - not waiting for some algorithm to determine “how dead the server is” before making decisions… You should be focused on the Majority of players that need a economy, need a player base, need people to play with… dont make excuses about “some” people that like to play and low populated servers… maybe you should make specific servers with MAX # of players for them specifically… the rest of the human race wants to have thriving active and popular servers to play on, with well balanced PVP horde vs alliance player base for world pvp and a booming economy… This is not that hard… literally a 5th grader could do this job. why is it so hard to balance these servers?

I read a LONG winded explanation of “how challenging” it is… here Thoughts on Realm Consolidation - #3 by Aggrend-1483

sure there are “things to consider” but at the end of the day… when server pops drop down to literally ZERO PLAYERS or less than 500-1000 on each side (imo should be merged even before that) you guys should be acting right away… not making announcements MONTHS later or after they are DEAD!!! then saying “in AUGUST” - more MONTHS later taking action… it’s ridiculous… and you wonder why active subscriptions drop off and population starts to die??

Do your job @blizzard

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Thank you for reply in the thread “Thoughts on Realm Consolidation”; it was great to see such a detailed response!

I do have to ask one thing, though. You stated that Old Blanchy was above the DAW. Is the DAW based on the number of accounts on the server on a daily basis, or the number of toons?

I have two accounts (and there are many of us with two or more accounts), and run multiple toons through the Isle dailies (it’s the only way OB will ever open the badge vendor!). I’d hate to think that all of these toons, or the multiple accounts, were impacting OB’s chance at getting an opportunity to move.

In the original post (“Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation Coming August 9”), it stated:

From what we can see (not having access to the DAW numbers), Old Blanchy is (sadly) ready for the glue factory. Based on the ironforge.pro numbers (number of toons logging raids on a weekly basis), Old Blanchy is, by far, the smallest of all of the PVE servers in Classic Burning Crusade with a total of 708 (logged) raiders. Amongst US Normal servers, the Azuresong (1292) and Myzreal (1421) are in better shape, but not far behind.

Is there any way that we can get some insight on whether these realms will be offered free transfers, or will we have to wait until some unspecified period after August 9th?

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Yep, and now that transfers are starting to slow down for them, they are going to try squeezing out what little transfer money they can still get from people before opening up the free realm transfers by offering a ThIrTy PeRcEnT DiScOuNt.

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When can we expect the PVE to PVP transfer option to be live? that wasn’t made clear here.

Thank you

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The transfer restriction, as well as the restriction on both factions on PvP realms, as well as the single-realm character limit were all lifted earlier this evening.


Any word on opening new realms for free transfer?

How about releasing character names from players who’ve been inactive for a while?

Wait, what?

We need more free transfer destination realms.


How will Blizzard handle the fact that, going forward, there will be in reality only mega severs? There will be… Beneditiction, Faerlina, Grobbulus, and Whitemane as PvP servers.

Especially as right now Sulfuras is currently depopulating as everyone leaves for the better pastures.

You say you’re opening up additional Free transfers but to where?

In the thread that’s “Thoughts on Realm Consolidation” https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/en/wow/t/thoughts-on-realm-consolidation/1263429

It’s talked about that Blizzard likes there to be small servers and that it wants to keep them available for folks to play on.

Yet is that actually true? If it is, why have all the servers transferred to larger servers in TBC?

And what’s the purpose of keeping small servers alive when most of the folks that play on it don’t actually like it, but don’t want to pay for the transfer.

On Sulfuras (the last real “small” active server on the PVP realms), from my understanding, most of the current guilds are either planning to leave for Faerlina when they hit 6/6, prepatch comes, or early on in Wrath so it’s easy leveling.

What is left for that server in that case? How is that keeping a small server alive for folks to play on.

What is Blizzard doing that actually shows that it cares about keeping these servers alive?

Because right now it just points to the fact that Blizzard hasn’t done anything for small servers and the only way to survive and play the game is to exist on megaservers, which is why everyone is transferring to Benediction and Faerlina.

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It is actually true that some people like smaller servers, I’m one of them. I followed my guild to Faerlina and my character shows on if.pro as a raider but I’ve never hated the atmosphere of a server more in the whole time I’ve been playing WoW, by a lot. I just like smaller servers (although I have characters on Grobb and do like that atmosphere of that mega server, but it is actually smaller per faction too) Nor can I think of a single positive that I’ve had being on that Faerlina vs being on Earthfury when the pop was 3k. Even things like guild recruitment on Faerlina are drastically worse than they used to be due to no name recognition and some other reasons I’ll mention.

I know that this is probably happening, it did everywhere and so what I say doesn’t matter but going to Faerlina isn’t going to help keep guilds together. At least half if not more of the long-running guilds that moved from Earthfury just a few months ago have died. Moving to Faerlina is a great way to kill a guild as no one knows who you are and a lot of the people you try to recruit end up being complete flakes who will ghost etc. There is next to no accountability or name recognition. So just be warned of that.

I had an argument with a few of the people on here when they claimed that moving to a server with 6x the population would make things so much better as their recruitment options would improve a lot. One of them left the guild they ran because things just kept getting worse not better, the other ones guild is doing the same as it was. Neither is actually in a better spot today.

This I agree with completely so I can’t totally disagree with where your post is coming from.

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Any news on the additional free transfer options?

I would particularly like to be able to transfer from Deviate Delight to Bloodsail Buccaneers, if that’s on the table.

It had been announced it was coming, but I assumed it was happening with pre-patch. The switch is from the original 10/server cap to 50/account cap, in line with retail.

Tested this morning before seeing this thread because I saw the ‘create character’ button was up and sure enough.

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To be honest, I agree with you on most of this.

I actually like small-medium active servers the best.

I actually do not like mega servers, and most of my guild feels the same.

But, we originally were on one of the smallest realms in classic. And our realm was fine at start of TBC but eventually recruiting / P2 was too hard and many had to look for homes elsewhere so the the server ended up transferring. To give a perspective on how small it is, current Earthfury pop (according to ironforge) is about the how many horde was on my server at start of TBC.

Then we transferred (which was process in and of itself because quite a few didn’t want to transfer but we were forced to because of roster issues) and a decent portion of my guild wanted to go to another small server because that’s what we liked, and those ended up dying a few months later anyway.

Now its the same story of watching another server die as folks transfer away.

So, if I have to go to another server, I’ll go to a server that won’t die on me again. And right now the only horde server I can honestly say won’t do that is Faerlina.

Yeah it sucks to be a nobody on the server. But due to letting unlimited people into the server, there is really no reason to not be on that server for quite a few folks. The end result of the past decisions is really to have everyone be on the same server, whether its wanted to or not, simply because its better to be on a server that will exist and you won’t have to pay to get off of, then be left to die on server that can’t function anymore when the AH is <1000 items.


Please make the bundle transfers available for TBC classic as well! That would be amazing pretty please thank you!

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When will the updated server’s list come out???

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The months old list of free transfer destinations does not reflect the current state of the game. Additional options are necessary for players returning for WOTLK that are on chopping block realms.


@Aggrend, @Kaivax OB had a good week… we’re only down another 36 raiders this past week!

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This… And also release some names from those who haven’t logged in for a while!


@Kaivax, can we get a comment from you or @Aggrend? In the week since I posted this originally, OB has lost another 30-odd raiders.