Burning Crusade Classic: Looking for Group Preview

Burning Crusade Classic: Looking for Group Preview

The Looking for Group tool is coming to Burning Crusade Classic in Overlords of Outland. Read on to learn more about this returning feature.

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Hello, dearies. I think there should be a cute little gnome filter. So you can find out who is a gnome more easily. Thank you!

If there is already an addon for this, please let me know. I want this in both retail and Classic.

I have already downloaded the Premade Group Filter addon but I can not figure out how to get it so only the gnomes show up. Please help.


Before the “BlIzZaRd YoU’rE iN tHe WrOnG tHrEaD” complaints come up

They posted it here because retail uses this kind of feature

Majority of said players prefer LFG

So they are introducing it on here as an announcement to see if said people would like this feature too, to see if their dis encouragement of what classic TBC is, would be resolved due to “forced interaction” of grouping

Because surprise surprise… Classic WoW is considered a WoW topic


No more LFG channel cringe.

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Thanks for weighing in. Everyone was wondering what Clark’s take on this is……


In before #nOcHaNgEs

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This one was very unexpected. Did not see his unwavering and unnecessary defense of Blizzard coming. What a twist!


Its to make sure people don’t rant about unnecessary things and apply common sense why they announced it here


Thank goodness, all 5 Alliance players will finally be able to make groups.


As a returning player on a fresh account after a 1+ years and loving the leveling in classic but hating it in tbc this is actually a good thing. Tho i’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be needed if there were just a moderated channel with a slow mode and no boosting as well as just getting rid of paid boosts because wow i’ve only had the same 10 people to struggle level with on the most populated server.

I’m hoping this takes you to the instance so i’m not wasting hours of my life traveling :’) .

Keeping the essence of the game but making qol is all you need. something I wish GGG would understand.


It’s always fun seeing the comments in these type of threads just becoming more and more like Facebook comments on a post from a video game that only a few hundred people play.

Bet you its gonna be filled with boost spam. :’)

You might want to proofread the article again Blizzard.
Who ever wrote and proofread needs to look again.
found “solo players, t. You”

Thank you for the games.

I love how Classic players pretended LFG was one of the factors which destroyed the game.

Next changes I mean…#somechanges:

  • LFR
  • CRZ


Get lost .

Anyone who knows anything, knows that it was the LFD tool that ported you into dungeons was the beginning of the end. There was logic to that criticism; it made the world smaller and less relevant.

That argument is still valid, and a tool which you simply list your group does not have that downside. There are a lot of people who regurgitate arguments they hear others make, but there’s a lack of actual understanding when they aren’t coming up with the opinion them self.

This problem wasn’t as evident prior to LFR. After Dragon Soul LFR, people started paying more attention to these things.


I see. But isn’t that coming in WOTLK anyway?

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Hahahahahahahahah so much for #NoChanges. Maybe Ill actually try it now, I was turned off by sitting in town waiting for a group that I lost interest in classic wow at lvl 40 and lvl 10 on tbc.

No troll or joke, thank you for making this change so these old versions of wow become more easily accessible and not-boring.

Yes. So anyone complaining about this function as if it’s the ruiner of WoW is speaking entirely subjectively, or misunderstanding things.

Far as I know/can read, what’s coming to TBC just lists groups. Summoning stones are a fine inbetween, and it’s one of the good things they kept for M+ in retail.

I remmeber in wotlk very early oon when leveling there was a tool they added where basically like minded people could organise a small group for a dungeon or some such then once the group was formed then travel to the summon stone and do that. No insta port from anywhere but it freed everyone from the confines of citys spamming alt up in chat for ages. Especially good for players actually out leveling

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No changes died with classic when they introduced the world buff item.
We got no changes and saw how it was, and it was great to experience it as it was.
Now we are ready to experience it how it needs to be.

Some changes is way better.