Building Azeroth: Northrend

If retails LFG was inspired by TBC’s tool wouod that still be a step towards retail?

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sweet im ready for wrath! just please stop changing things at least put a poll up and ask the player base what do we all want.

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no it’s not the retail tool. It’s similar but its not RDF.

yeah that will go real well. if they ask on the forums you know what will happen? the vocal minority will win because lets face it , there are a lot more people on these forums crying about no rdf.

If the poll is in game as well as on the website, then that means people actively playing can vote on it too - if anti-LFD players are the actual majority, that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

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Video should be titled “How we single handedly destroyed the greatest expac Blizzard has ever made”.


The only inspiration possible was the name. They function differently. TBC LFG is basically a chat channel and a tool that no one lists themselves in. The tool they intend to replace DF with is DF without the queue for first come, first selected. Instead, it allows gatekeeping which happens continuously on retail. If you aren’t the right class and spec, you don’t get selected for Mythic + (on retail). This tool will enforce that mentality.
So, if you want to run dungeons at all in Wrath, make sure you pick the correct class and spec combo or you WILL be endlessly stuck in the LFG queue. Don’t play what you like and expect an invite.


you can put lipstic on a pig and will still be a pig… all these changes to the game are really unnecessary and will cost you on revenue. I was so excited for Classic Wrath…not anymore, the removal of the RDF was a dealbreaker for me. I decided to talk with my wallet and I hope more do the same. I will not come back until they decide to reverse that decision, and if they dont …oh well I guess another company can have my extra income…


I agree about retail gatekeeping bc dps margins are huge in retail but in wrath everything is viable so im hoping the community does the right thing and just takes whoever signs up.

Thank you Ely, Sarah and Aaron. That was a cool piece listening to your stories about that.

Even then you’d still be denied most of the time, just based off the sheer volume of dps

Sure bud… I was out in the world farming and doing dailies while queued, but sure, go ahead and presume to speak for everyone.
The MMO tag on this game means there are many people available to interact with if you desire. It’s not a declaration that anyone must be a social butterfly. Just a friendly fyi.

  • there * So you’ve spoken to over 10K people, neato.

I play Mankrik Horde as well. Not hearing any of this at all there.


So youd havd to wait in a line of sorts… like RDF…

RDF is a line, LFG is a free for all.

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Ya, no one cares about it the, few who try to troll chat and start an argument get laughed at and told to go back to the forums.

If it’s anything like TBC you can’t even buy boosts apart from the 1 that comes with deluxe.

The video contains the original designers, none of which are working on Classic.


Is this why you want blizzard to constantly hold our hands?

No, I don’t want you to ruin the game because of some mythical “touchy feely player” who doesn’t exist. You should be on an RP server.

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What are you talking about? Go touch grass