Building Azeroth: Northrend

Race and Faction change are not planned for Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Not sure what polls your talking about all the ones ive seen are against rdf,

This was amazing to watch and really took me back a few years. Can’t wait to get back into it come launch!!

You’re wrong and I don’t even need to explain why

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Not sure what polls your talking about all the ones ive seen are pro rdf,


Literally every single poll out there is pro-RDF. Try harder.


That’s nice. Now announce the launch date and bonus package so we can get another boost


I’d love it if you guys stopped trying to “Fix” wrath.

Your last “Reforged” product tanked super hard, you’d think you would have learned from such, but it seems you guys are impossibly slow learners.


I don’t mess with Youtube much anymore but is it normal for the comment section count to keep going down?

I only played Horde during Wrath, but I still made a point to quest in Howling F. Jord first because I had attended BlizzCon that year, and we were able to get a sneak peak at Northrend there. Howling F. Jord was the zone they placed us in. I will never forget how it felt to be there, experiencing the vykrul and the Howling F. Jord music for the first time.

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Why cant I report the op for troll?


Thats an old tweet, Brian said in recent ones that its still under consideration. Theyre on the fence about it they should just give us an official answer.

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as I pointed out in another thread, anything posted by Blizzard now it’s just assumed…

Lol Faerlina… should have know


This was intentional. Years ago the same question got asked, and they said “We wanted the ‘easy path’ to go to the more barren and windswept zone, and the people who put in more planning to go to a green and idyllic zone.”

Source? Proof? Anything but opinion and rhetoric?


As opposed to sitting in a partial group not talking to people, like in TBCC? :frowning:


I’d like to see links for those, I’m curious how many people responded.

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Finally got to see the new LFG tool. It’s nothing but a bastardization of retail group finder. It is basically Dungeon Finder with gate keeping. Good job Blizz, good job! And for those of you who haven’t looked in retail to see just how close it is, log over and give it a look. This IS a move to retail, along with all the other little goodies and changes.


arent they bringing the RETAIL tool instead of using the WRATHs tool?

weird huh