[BUG] RE: Cannot access Ordon Sanctuary! (Timeless Isle)

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Bug Information:

As of the new patch that came today, I’m now unable to access the Ordon Sanctuary to defeat the world boss, Ordos. When I go to the gap in the bridge just before the sanctuary the winds will no longer carry me across and instead I fall to the ground below.

I’ve had the legendary cloak on this character since Mists of Pandaria. Kind of suspecting my access got removed by accident with the new Mists remix coming out next week.

Update: I can fly into the Sanctuary by using my cloak to defeat him. However, He grants zero loot at this time it appears and no bonus roll window will appear on killing him.

By using your cloak, do mean manually or having it equipped? I cannot make the jump on any of my characters to get the last item I need (in that area) for the achievement. I made that jump many times yesterday as I was grinding out coins for bonus roll tokens on several characters.

If equipping it works, I can at least grab my cloak on the lock that earned it, but it sucks if non of my other characters will be able to make that jump. I can try running out far enough to fly and use a glider, but I shouldn’t have to do that when I earned the cloak and always had the ability to jump across.

Sorry. I forgot to mention that I had used my Goblin Glider which I have embedded into my cloak. I used the item by the bridge that throws you into the air and then I used my Goblin Glider to fly into the Sanctuary.

Kind of sucks he no longer drops loot however. :frowning:

Sounds like glider it is for the time being. It would be nice to know if this is intended behavior or not.

I’m wondering if this is connected to the toys that are supposed to be earned via Timerunning (if I remember correctly fully upgrading the cloak you get there will unlock toys for each appearance that lasts for 8 hours). If so, it sucks for the people who don’t want to play the event if that is what will be needed to jump across going forward.

Edited to add:
Having the cloak in your bags does not work.
Having the cloak equipped does not work.

Yeah, I was doing my usual round of MoP world bosses today when I surprisingly fell. Thankfully I was on my priest but it was kind of surprising since I got 5 legendary cloaks in MoP and I’ve always had access to Ordos.

Maybe now they changed it so everyone HAS to earn the cloak during Remix to (re)gain access to Ordos.

Seems like a great way to make older players hate remix before it even starts. Hopefully it’s just a bug.

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I’m wondering if it is a bug, I’m leaning towards it not being one based on this from a CC post:

Seeing as there is no communication about this at present, who knows. If it isn’t a bug, that really sucks for those who earned the cloak and will no longer be able to access the Sanctuary if they don’t play Remix.

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How? I have the cloak, and I cannot access that little island. It used to automatically “leap me” over there, and now, I cannot.

How do I access the zone?

I equipped the Goblin Glider onto my current equipped cloak in-game and used that ability to glide into the Sanctuary.

It seems to be yet another instance of taking away what you have earned. Next week blizzard will take away all mounts and make you earn them again…

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The precedent was set with Plunderstorm: botching the crap out of the retail game to implement a specialty mode.

This would not surprise me at all, and complete radio silence on the topic would make sense as there’s no way they can admit to trashing a perfectly good game to squeeze out a time-limited special mode, and there’s absolutely no way to back the damage out, because we’re getting Pandamonium, like it or not.

So I was able to jump across today!

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Ty for the update. Will reincorporate Ordos into my MoP world boss rotation again.