Buff Regular Healing, Fistweaving isn't Fun, and regular healing stinks!

See title… I used to LOVE healing on my MW, but ever since Fistweaving is the new cool, it is unplayable. Buff please…


You can do your +3s without Fistweaving.

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You can do +15s without fistweaving too, doesnt mean it isnt in a crazy bad spot


I’m not even 100 certain how to heal properly using fw.
it doesn’t seem to light up the screen green in 5 man’s or raids with heals and hots.

anyone can list the correct rotation

Well my friend, many of us DO love fistweaving and think it’s super fun! I’m afraid it’s quite weak. But very fun though.

With that said, I think you may be outnumbered in that opinion that it isn’t fun.

Also; the thing is that fistweaving is essentially how you DPS as a MW. Which all healers should know how to do when they’re not healing. So do you just go through dungeons not dpsing or what?

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I disagree. I fell in love with Mist when it was just a ranged healing spec. I also am starting to enjoy Melee mist as well, though mistweaver in general is kinda behind abit.

I think both spec should be viable if a player would like to play that way. also lets get some crackling jade love for the ranged healers.


i eat my lunch or watch tv, depending on what time it is.

Mistweaver just lack the necessary abundance of long cd emergency buttons that other heals have. Look at preservation.

They have stasis, tip the scales, dream breath, rewind, time dilation, dream flight, and rescue.

Mistweavers have revival, and invoke celestial. That’s it. Very underwhelming

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MoS is pretty much a must to make it work atm.

“Fun but weak” is well summarized. That’s why we are asking for these tuning

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ngl I kinda miss ‘turret’ mist when any cat of a spell started a free, infinite channel. It was very relaxed.

Fistweaving is fun tho.

I agree, currently we need to prepare our AoE heal and if a dps or tank takes unnecessary damage, that’s it… It takes a long time for us to channel soothing, enveloping and vivify for considerate this how a emergency healing.

OP, what exactly about Mistweaving (non fistweaving) you think needs buffing? Also considering with the new buffs that were implemented today as well.

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I’m not OP, but the biggest buff to mistweaving playstyle would be mana nerfs across the board. We shouldn’t go oom so fast casting vivify’s and enveloping. Hpriest can cast flash heal all day and wouldn’t even make a dent to there mana bar.

Casting Enveloping hurts so much. I really only use it during Chiji/Yulon windows. Casting it by itself on multiple targets tanks mana like crazy. In reality we need something else as a healer. Frankly we are the only healer that does not have a battle rezz, lust or a unique ability (Priest Power Word Infusion). Bringing a WW/BRM is essentially the samething as a MW. We all share Mystic Touch, Tiger’s Lust, Interupt, Aoe Stun and Ring of Peace. We need something else so that they can be like “hey lets bring that MW over xyz” healer.


MW has absolutely bonkers hps. I don’t think it needs to be buffed. I think a lot of people don’t see or know that because they’re only playing the fistweaving build which, while fun just isn’t as good at sustained or big damage spikes - e.g. half the trash in a given instances and almost all the bosses. What does need to be buffed is MW in combat mana recovery. Need better tools and for our big heals not to cost the equivalent of a home mortgage.


Data says otherwise…
MW not only least represented healer in keys but also one of the worst in performance.

You can do good with it? Sure, it’s completely viable, but it’s very far away from “bonkers hps” and “don’t need buffs” when you have Druids and Evokers doing insanely better in all ways.

10.0.5 is around the corner tho so we’ll see. But as it is right now yes, mw do needs buffs.


Agreed - I’ve been saying this all along. MW’s also need a reliable instant and more choices of healing cooldowns like other classes have for when the group does get into trouble. I’m not saying that someone can’t do well on it if they are exceptional, but statistics bear out that there is something really wrong here.

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I didn’t say they didn’t need buffs. I said the mistweaving - ranged mistweaving (tears) - can do very high hps, but there is a problem sustaining it - that needs to be looked at.

I also said fistweaving, in particular, has an hps issue dealing with burst damage or periods of high damage, that also needs to be looked at. A lot of people only play fistweaving, probably because it’s fun, but there are other talent options that will heal the group more. Both versions should be viable, but the fix isn’t the same for both in my opinion.

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Hi I’m a ranged mistweaver I do m+ dos when I have down time and have fun I drink when needed. Gust of mist our mastery is my highest heal shown in my damage tracker cause I spec into it. I can go from 14k hps to spike 42k hps. And working on getting more mastery gear really need gloves next but vault has not been very kind to me this season so far.