Buff Protection Warrior DPS

Why are Protection Paladins and other tanks allowed to churn out more damage than us while having group utility and being just as much, if not more tankier for certain dungeon scenarios?

Remove the +10% damage penalty from defensive stance for Protection Warriors

Revert the DPS talent nerfs from early S1


Imo, make our 4pc from tier always active. Then take the time to do a balance pass for damage for all tanks. Bdks need love too.


What gets me is that we are trash for most of Shadowlands M+ only ending up mediocre towards the end, just to become good the first month of DF.

Then they nerf us into the ground. Meanwhile Prot Paladins have always been Mid at worst but usually good or overpowered.

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I played monk before switching to dk I’m shadowlands so I can’t speak to that besides not seeing pwar in shadowlands.

Imagine being deleted instantly on Fort 20+ DOS by the first pack outside the stairs before you go up to the Hakkar hallway.

Warriors had absolutely no way to deal with magic damage that some dungeons had. You’d have to lust that pull and have your group help you kite it just to limp away on that pull.

Just like now, warriors can survive pulls but deal frack all for damage compared to Paladins.

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According to Warcraft logs, protection warriors are parsing the lowest DPS of all tanks by a large margin.

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Did heroic zskarn and mag last night on my pwar.

In order to not have the (SAME iLvl) vdh continually pull threat and mess up tank stacks I had to stay in battle stance. And even then bosses were turning yellow every few seconds.

And then, because both these bosses deal primarily magic damage, I had to swap to d stance and literally SPAM Ignore Pain. I’m talking doing 40-50k HPS on both bosses as pwar and STILL being on the verge of life and death even while saving demo shout, wall, and last stand defensively.

Feels bad to be low damage and just take infinite damage.

Give all tanks (that can’t already) the same ability to mitigate spells as paladins.


Yeah, I feel it, badly. Even when I manage to tank in Battle Stance, the damage is pathetic with full consumables.

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We did it guys.

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Unnerf Defensive Stance! It’s needed to tank harder content, which still lowers Protection Warrior DPS significantly by 10 percent still!.

Also, why just an overall buff to DPS by 8% and not an even 10 percent?

D Stance is fine. Need to start thinking of it as a defensive cooldown. Swap to D stance take your hit then swap back to battle. It’s a resource free 10% damage reduction for as long as you need it with only a 2s cooldown. If you take away the damage debuff then people will just sit in d stance. If you add any other offensive property to battle stance then meta tanks will just stay battle stance.

Now if you just want to say we need higher threat multiplier for our abilities due to difficulty maintaining threat from other tanks, then fine say that. But if you’re just looking for a reason to not have to ever concern yourself with stance changing then you should be saying to remove any stance decision at all from prot warrior.


Defensive Stance is not fine. Theres no reason why a Protection Warrior needs a DPS loss from it.

The Defensive Stance tax was meant for DPS Warriors and PVP’s to have a risk/benefit.
If you need a reason to “Stance Dance” then make the stances actually worth switching around for.


I like your positive way of looking at things, but I still disagree.

They could always make battle stance more appealing and make it more risk/reward where you are taking more damage but gaining something cool. Going battle stance because it doesn’t gimp you shouldn’t be the primary reason.


But that’s what I’m saying- You could make Defensive stance simply provide 10% physical damage reduction, and battle stance give both increased damage done (10%) and increased damage taken by (10%) and tank meta would still have you going battle stance and still using D stance as a defensive cooldown.

So I reiterate you would have to either remove any form of “stances” from prot warrior or leave it how it is, otherwise there is no reason to not be the higher damage providing stance. If you tax the battle stance so much that it is unusable in any tanking capacity then we go back to just removing them both otherwise its pointless bloat.


Yet that would be an objective buff over the current situation instead of a forced 10 percent damage decrease

So just tack a +10% threat modifier to Def stance and it’s all good.

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Pretty obvious solution is to attach the prot warrior tank threat modifier to DStance. If you are currently tanking you would be in DStance, if not you would be in battle stance.


I just think the stance switching is archaic garbage and would just prefer the previous system of just giving us the defensive stance buff of 10 percent less damage, the crit bonus of battle stance, and the snare reduction baseline to the class or at least protection warriors.

Stance dancing is an archaic relic of classic.


Just remove Battle Stance and replace it with Gladiator Stance…I wouldn’t mind stance dancing if they’d put Glad Stance back in. Oh how I miss it…


What we really need is a new mastery.