Budget Built Help Please

I value you guys opinion on this stuff because I’m new to it. A friend told me to try using pc part picker to pick parts as this is my first time doing this. She gave me her opinions on posts but I’m already over budget with both of our choices.:rofl:

Any way could you all take a look at what I can’t to with and give me your thoughts?


I should also mention that I’ve been posting this game on regular desktops for years and this wound be the first time I’m getting a computer powered for this game. So for me any upgrade is great.

Thanks in advance

That CPU is not only trash but also almost 100% marked up.

Try this one instead for $20 more:


I was thinking about that one. It’s conflicting with the motherboard. I’ll try and find another one that will work with that cpu. Thanks for the information on the price too.

The warning you’re getting about motherboard compatibility is due to the fact that B450 released with 2nd gen Ryzen. The one in your list will work but might need a software update.

Here’s a newer revision that claims to already be updated for $2 more and piece of mind:

I think I looked at that one but was concerned when I didn’t see any reviews. I’m a bit paranoid with this stuff lol. That would keep me under 500.

Try looking for these as an alternative

Core i3-10100F
MSI B460M Bazooka
8GB DDR4-2666 or 3200(runs at 2666) X2

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$400 WoW Machine: https://youtu.be/NWKAYMKkI-Y
$500 WoW Machine: https://youtu.be/nM8cpJfzoG4
Another one: https://youtu.be/lfLE3RIwM1s


Thank you, I will.

I’ve watched the $400 video a few times now. A gamer friend of mine told me to stay away from the i3 core. It then that, the biggest price difference I’m finding is the graphics card. I can not find it for the oeuvre he purchased it at. One of that caliber is costing at least $150 versus the 75 he paid. Maybe it was used.

Another issue. I plan on using this computer in my room and the ethernet cable is down stairs. Does a wifi card have to be connected to the motherboard?

Shortage on Ryzen CPUs makes it harder to recommend. Your budget isn’t high enough anyway. i3-10100F is essentially i7-7700 in disguise. The issue with B460 is you cant overclock at all. You have to rely on boards with good VRM and let it boost.

Yes,. you still need to buy a good wifi card if you need wireless. There are some motherboards that comes with it but they will cost more. Double check reviews on those boards. Some comes with crappy VRM cooling.

new i3 is fine for what it is, as stated above from Rhythalia, the i3-10100 is similar to the i7-7700.

The i3-10100F is presently available for around $103, which is a better value than the Ryzen 3-3100 if you’re going cheap as possible.

B550 boards will let you OC and use faster memory, while there are no cheap Z490s and thus leaving you with inexpensive B460s that won’t let you use faster memory.

Well it depends. The Core I3-9100F is on a dead platform. But I’d you’re gaming on a budget it allows more room for other items. The i3-10100 is current gen but the issue is if you upgrade to say an I7-10700 later then you won’t be able to get faster ram without a board upgrade. But the I3-10100 is a fine chip and will trade blows with the 3300x. Also people are recommending B450 boards but forget that upgrading will be limited going forward.

I would try to snag a graphics card from EVGA Bstock. I’ve gotten a 1650 4gb GDDR6 for $100 from there and it comes with a one year warranty. And EVGA has amazing customer service.

I called them last week about my GTX 1080 FTW hybrid running really hot. They went in the detail that the card is fine that even if the GPU is hitting 65° C the water temperature is still probably going to be around 40. They recommended many good ideas such as shaking the radiator a little bit to get air bubbles out making sure that I had it oriented correctly or potentially trying to move the radiator to a different spot.

I was pretty sure having the radiator mounted incorrectly was probably the issue and that’s the first thing they suggested and I fixed the problem.

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65c on a GPU is chilly, they can easily operate in the high 90’s

As a good note, you can get a wireless card relatively inexpensive. I ran one in an old PC and I had no issues either. Much like you, I kept it in my room and the router was downstairs.

You’ll do fine with one. Think I paid about 40 for it, but I’ve seen cheaper.

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Should see my 5700 XT on the stock fan profile

GPU hotspot at 100c easy, memory temp at 90

With some tweaks, GPU hotspot can be kept under 90 usually and memory around 75-80.

These chips just run hot.

Regarding Wifi - I’ll probably never buy a motherboard without integrated wi-fi again. The motherboard I’m using includes a lower end 1x1 AC 3165 and even that performs great.

My other systems in my house have wifi cards, and they’re “better” than the wifi in my main system, but they take up another slot, look ugly, and overall is just more a pain. Integrated wifi for life imo

Next motherboard is def. gonna have a high quality wifi built in.

Wow! Lots of info to sort through but it’s all appreciated. :blush:

I have no idea what any of this means lol.

So then I could go with that and a different, possibly lower priced motherboard.

You lost me lol.

Would that be a new or refurbished part? I’m new to this and because of that I’d rather get something fresh out of the box.

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The Ryzen 3 3100 is unlocked, which means you can overclock it. A decent B550 is around $80, and lets you overclock your chip and run faster RAM speeds.

The Intel i3-10100F is locked, which means you cannot overclock it. The Intel spec for RAM speed on that CPU is 2666mhz, which if you use a B460/H410, it will be the maximum you can run that memory on. You need a Z490 to allow you to run faster memory, such as the more common 3200/3600Mhz kits. This doesn’t mean you can’t still use those kits, but they will only run at maximum of 2666mhz per Intel spec on the B460/H410.

$133 Ryzen 3 3100
$80 B550
$75 16GB DDR3600 kit
$288 Total

$100 i3-10100F
$80 B460
$50 16GB DDR4 3200 Kit
$230 total

$100 i3-10100F
$130 Z490
$75 16GB DDR4 3600 kit

A and C perform about the same, B is slightly behind because of memory.

A lets you use PCIE4, which might be helpful later. A and C allow for better upgrades, as B550 can slot in any of the 4th gen Ryzen CPUs within reason, and C will let you put in a newer higher power 11th gen CPU in later if you want. B can still support 11th gen processors, but since it’s locked, it will be less powerful.

All that said, B setup will be just fine and it’s cheaper. So that’s hard to argue against.

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The B460 will mean your components will run slower than a vs the next step up: Z490.

The B550 will behave similar to a z490 but the B550 needs an AMD CPU.

Openbox and whatnot are fine and often cheaper. If you have a Microcenter near you even better. I’ve heard to Ryzen 3600 going as cheap as $120 and 9700ks at $200.

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Ok so let me see if I understand. Overclocking allows me to use faster ram which would allow the game to ran and animate faster, correct?

I assume this is arranged like this…
Graphic card

RAM speed above 2666mhz on the Intel system is overclocking since the spec is only 2666mhz, so you’d need a Z490 motherboard to support faster RAM.

The only reason this is something to consider, and this is a small overall difference for an end-user who isn’t tech-savvy, is that the Ryzen 3 3100 can use faster ram in a less expensive motherboard. It being able to be overclocked itself isn’t really that useful for people not interested in that type of manual tweaking.

The big issue here is that Ryzen 3 3100 is presently overpriced at $130. It should be around $100, like the i3.

I made the point of i3 on a Z490 motherboard, because in order to get the closest to the Ryzen 3 3100, it needs to be on a Z490 motherboard to have access to faster memory.

i3-10100F is appropriately priced at $100
Ryzen 3 3100 is overpriced at $130, but that is offset by the lower cost of the motherboard.

i5-10400 is appropriately priced at $179
Ryzen 5 3600 is overpriced at $229, but that is somewhat offset by the lower cost of the motherboard. (seems this is back to $199, which is kinda okay being a year old product but still MSRP)

The i5 has the same issue; will run at 2666mhz RAM on non-Z boards.

The current pricing of Ryzen CPUs doesn’t make them bad, but they are less value than they were just 3-4 months ago, when you could get a Ryzen 3 3100 for $100 and a Ryzen 5 3600 for $179.

At the end of the day, the difference isn’t huge, and if you aren’t really chasing the best performance/enjoy tweaking, getting the cheapest option makes the most sense really.

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So with option B what kind of performance am I going to get? I’m just curious not picky. Any of these upgrades would be a massive improvement for me as I’m using a basic computer that’s really just a laptop in a tower.