BTags and Account Wide Ignore Demands

Lol thanks for the update. You’d think them being locked would be a clue not to start another one :laughing:


Cuz we needed more threads on this!


Then why do you need to see btags? If an account wide ignore will do everything anyway, and is something I think most people agree with, why do we need to see btags?

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I still fail to see how displaying your Battle Tag to anyone and everyone on the forums (they don’t even need an account to read the forums) is “protecting against abusive, toxic players and stalkers”; I see it as the exact opposite…

They dont.
I know they dont because I admin a list of forums and NONE of the security features REQUIRE posting members to see account information of other members other than their user name.

The one poster above already is taking OUR posts here over to twitter…taking this forums data offsite…and we’re supposed to trust them then NOT to be blasting OUR Btags…our PUBLIC ID in game…all over twitter and discord?

We’d have to be pretty naive to buy that crap. lol

lmao…they still rage false flagging, just like the last thread.

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So you arent for viewable Btags?
I must have mistaken something you said at some point, I thought you were FOR them being put here for all to see.

If not, kudos.
NO ONE NEEDS to see them in here…period.
Not for an account wide ignore…and certainly not so they can follow us around thread to thread like the pro sort has already done quite a lot in here.

Can’t we all just get along it’s just a silly game forum.


I am not for Battle Tags in place of character names on the Warcraft forums; just being extra clear.

Probably. You do have me on ignore and occasionally check out my replies, as you admitted yourself in a thread some time back.

I don’t think I have ever said that, but if I did then I changed my stance.

I’ll have to take your word on it, but with a rightful amount of salt.

I have been getting a long. But it is like after midnight and it is really cold at the moment and for some reason, my heater isn’t working and my cats have taken over the bed.


I think i participated in the last thread about this with a stance of not really wanting it.

I’ve had like a week to think about it and honestly I don’t see a harm in it either way. I accept a lot of the valid points put before me before;

We get Btags + our characters:

  • People who ignore each other can now account wide
  • Random people can add your name but you can always ask who it is and ignore if they don’t identify who they are.

We don’t:

  • Forums remain as they are and have been forever

Their group? I am not part of any group. I am my own person, with my own opinions. I mean, can you move along from the whole “us vs them”? This isn’t a soccer match.

And you’re assuming I use Twitter, are you?


I don’t know why these requests keep getting conflated. You can have an account-wide ignore while still having btags hidden. All of the characters you can post with are already tied to the same account on the backend anyway.

I got no real dog in this race because I don’t care much either way, but I certainly disagree with the nebulous idea that seeing btags is useful or necessary. It won’t make the forums any less toxic at any rate. Trolls are going to troll no matter what, sometimes even if you know their real names.


I don’t have Twitter I think it’s gross.

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I am not big on ignoring people but also I want to change characters that I post on. My characters are very cute and I want to show them off sometimes. I don’t because I believe it is important for people to know who they are communicating with. For me and people like me, Btags allow for people to know who they are communicating with no matter what character they post on.

Btags are just a nickname and if a person was careful with their naming conventions it cannot be linked to anything else. This is why I have no problem posting mine. It is a name that I don’t use anywhere else but here.


Players shouldn’t be able to sock puppet / troll others the way they currently do, battle tags -or- any other form of forum ID tied to our posting characters would be nice to deter that significantly imo, and if the mvps who keep more up w the topic are to be believed seem to indicate some forum overhaul is coming so it’s a matter of when and what route they go not if or something to be against tbh.


So because you have some hang-up about others knowing who you are all all times the rest of us have to do the same? Potentially forcing a sizable number of people to change their btags, because you don’t like ignoring people and want us to know it’s you on that Belf Pally in the rate my transmog thread.

I’ve been a target of ableist and racist insults here. A guy four years ago when I was 18 years old told me I had no use as a human being cause I wanted the Mage Tower appearances to come back, and it got 4 likes. The guy and those 4 still posting but changed their opinion.

Plus someone called me “abnormal” for complaining something really disgusting. Some of the “people” who liked that are also still around.

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yeah, thats just disgusting.
If I happened to be one who liked the post, rest assured I missed something and didnt realize what was being said. If so, I definitely apologize.
People like that shouldnt be allowed internet access at all…ever.

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With warbands maybe, War Within comes in between June and August is my guess.


lmao…rage flagging because youve been proven wrong isnt going to get you Btags showing in here, sorry to inform you all. lol