BTags and Account Wide Ignore Demands

I have seen threads in the forum with thousands of people demanding Blizzard provide Btags and Account wide Ignore systems to be put in place in the game and in the GD forum.

And I kinda understand why. For protection against abusive toxic players and stalkers.

But What I would like to ask here is by the sheer volume of people demanding these safeguards. Is Wow in-game and in the forum such a dangerous place as far as is claimed by so many people posting?

I have witnessed some silly nonsense and toxicity in game as well as in particularly the GD forum. And I will admit some of it can be occasionally disturbing. But nothing to the point that would indicate that the problem was so massive as to cause widespread hysteria.

Am I missing something here?


When you exaggerate this much, your premise will usually…and deservedly… be ignored. A shame, because an account-wide ignore feature has merit. Mandatory battletag / real Id, much less so.


The reasoning is already explained in the threads talking about such things.

Widespread hysteria? No, not really. It’s mostly just people saying, “Hey, Blizz. We know this thing exists in the game, we would like it to function in a similar way on the forums.” Because of course, where ever people exist, there will be people out there to ruin the experience for their own amusement. People jumping on alts to ‘stir the pot,’ harass people, post their bad takes and/or use another alt to back it up isn’t a massive, wide-spread thing but since it is possible and has happened, people usually just would rather not deal with it.


It’s not that there are stalkers (okay some are), but probably the amount of users on forums is so low we usually bump at each other.


I am doubtful it is thousands - the same 20 people are in each thread


We all know where this thread will go, since we had several other threads.

Why not read the threads more?

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It is safe to say that the demands have become overblown.

…and Blizzard likely has bigger priorities with the Con not running.

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“Stalkers” are a misnomer for pretty much anybody who views the forums. Even going as far to call it “Doxxing”. Pretty much watering the terms down to a point where actual instances of stalking and doxxing is pretty much ignored. Like the term, “racist” to pretty much mean “Oh that person disagreed with me”.

Will say however, the real stalkers or doxxers are the ones asking for Real ID. Which Btags are thankfully not.

…Why not have them? Esp since how it’s set up in the forums, it allows people to pretty much run rampant. Impersonation and Sockpuppeting just to name a few. And btags will stop the honest people and expose the dishonest people.

Just because it doesn’t cause a widespread hysteria, doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

Esp since accountwide ignores work much better with Btags and keeps it rather simple, then confuse people into thinking if they ignored the account or not.

Noone serious is asking for real ID.

Battletags on the other hand are just a nickname we chose for ourselves, and (if you are going for enforcing a single account identifier), why re-invent the wheel when you already have one?


You are missing that there is already a thread about this.

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All I see is a +1 thread count and a +1 to ignore for me.

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Ignore should have always been account wide. If I have you on ignore or if you have me on ignore the problem is not with the character but the person behind the character. So if a person is on ignore than it should ignore them no matter if they are on a Troll, Human, Gnome, Classic character and all others.

Btags are just for identification and while it will not stop trolling at least people will know they are dealing with the same person. I very rarely ignore someone but if I am having a dissuasion on the forums it is good know who I am talking to across characters. Right now I can switch characters and you would a hard time knowing if you were to me or someone different. Also it works fine on the other Blizzard forums. My request is just to have the btag under the character picture.


:rofl: :joy: :rofl:
Someone thinks they are special.

You do know with an account wide ignore it is going to act like a btag anyway? If I ignore you account wide then it ignore all of your alts. I would just have to thread hop to see who is on ignore. But wait it will get better because the smart people in the coding community will make something to make that job easier.

If you have a problem with stalkers maybe it is a you issue. Just look at your replies to me, unnecessarily aggressive. Also if you are trolling with your alts it is my business and concern because it impacts my time and enjoyment on the forums.

If you don’t want to debate this issue with me then don’t reply. It is very simple, since I mainly use this character to post on you can freely ignore me. In fact I encourage it.



I swear that some forum regulars are so obsessive about what others say and do that they go look at achievements and pets and keep a spreadsheet of who is who already, and heaven forbid you don’t offend them because they might just go stalk all your comments and try to nitpick everything.

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yeah. I used to post on my main Bnet account but you cant have a discussion in here without the harassing/stalking sort going into your profile as it is trying to bring up some irrelevant trash to keep from dealing with being proven wrong.

We’d be talking about one thing, then theyd go see ive done some LFR and somehow THAT was the deflection for whatever unrelated topic we were on.
That crap got VERY tiresome.

Which is precisely what they were doing in the last recent Btag thread…being ‘offended’ so false flag bombing. I dont even know how many posts I had restored in that thread lmao.

Im sorry but when a person has been posting here for years now, they KNOW what is an actual problem and needs to be removed and what is their own personal agenda being destroyed so they rage flag to try to get rid of the posts they dont like

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Post flagging is being misused to down vote . Bring back down votes, but without ever hiding it, no matter how many down votes.


We did not need another thread on this. There’s already several other threads (unless they got deleted).


The world is a dangerous place and the WoW forums even more so. Here we bask in the darkness to usher in our queens power.

All hail Xalatath! A hail the void!

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They were locked and yes at this point it’s just.

There is one still open.

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It is not about what they say but the dishonesty people have when posting with different characters. If you are having a good faith discussion, multiple are disagreeing but you start to notice they seem like the same person. This is the point when people start comparing achievements, pets, and whatever else. It is not about what was said for the most part but the treatment they received at the hand of this person and their alts.