Brutosaur taken out with pre patch now?

But the Mythic Argus and Mythic Gul’dan mounts were still guaranteed drops and the Violet Spellwing was still available during BfA’s pre-expansion patch.

The pre-expansion patch is not a 100% everything goes away right that second. Some stuff will go away immediately, and some stuff will stick around until Shadowlands actually goes live.

Wasn’t a streamer it was from Ion.

Uhh, yeah, yeah it is.

During the BFA pre-patch for example, that’s when we lost our ability to empower our artifacts, they went a bit nuts until we completed the quest chain to drain the sword in Silithus, at which point they died completely. All the traits and abilities that artifacts offered were either baked into existing abilities, scrapped or turned into talents.

Whenever Blizzard says they’re removing an item from the game in the next expansion, or changing an ability in the next expansion, the patch that delivers those changes is always the pre-patch, which is effectively the start of the expansion, but without us being able to access expansion features immediately.

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You mean like how they removed the Violet Spellwing from Argus? Yeah, that didn’t go away until BfA actually went live. You could still get it through the pre-expansion patch.

Yes I know that but from the post I linked it reads 9.0.1 which isn’t pre patch (9.0). Why I thought it was when shadow lands opens not pre patch, why I’m confused by this and wording from the blue.

I was hoping it was when shadow lands goes live so I don’t have to farm so hard, but now with this new news, I really need to.

Nope, the Violet Spellwing was removed in Patch 8.0.1 the systems patch for BFA.

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8.0 was pre patch and 8.0.1 was when BFA actually went live, same thing I saying here as the achievement is gone in 9.0.1 as my post I linked shows.

Nope. It didn’t actually go away until BfA went live.

While Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker will be gone in 8.0, you can still obtain Violet Spellwing until Battle for Azeroth launches.

Patch 8.0.1 launched on July 17 and added all the system changes for BFA, along with the quest chains that were the prelude to the Burning of Teldrassil.

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Ok, two things going on here. The “prepatch” is actually considered the first patch of the new expansion with some time gating thrown in. However in ususal corporate double speak, the term “prepatch” is a misnomer. It’s not a prepatch at all in reality. It’s simply the first patch of the new expac. It’s no wonder this misleads people.

A literal “prepatch” is something that comes before the actual patch. However that is NOT what Blizz advertises/means as their version of a “prepatch”.


I don’'t know im just going to go by pre patch and grind harder. I always thought I could get in shadow lands, when I heard they taking it out I always wanted this mount not just for the AH but for the model and of course I’m a mount collector.

Thanks for the clarification.

All good, just clearing things up.

Honestly, yeah, you might have to put a bit more effort in, although pre-patch isn’t expected until the expansion is close to launch (when the patch goes live on the PTR, that’s when you need to really kick things up a notch) so you’ve still got time.

Also, to be clear, the Brutosaur mount isn’t actually ‘going away’ in the sense that you’ll never be able to get it again. It will still be purchasable from the Black Market Auction House, but you’ll be competing with other players who may gold cap the auction when it pops up.

Yea I know that but will be NO chance for win to win it on BMAH haha

You never know, you might get lucky, and if you keep saving gold until you hit gold cap, you might be able to cap it out for a guaranteed win. Granted that would be a huge hit to the virtual wallet, but some folks might consider that worth it.

Yea I have NP grinding gold on my army of alts, 250-300k a week since I started on 6/21, I’ll make it, sitting on 2.4m atm

I would need a source for that.

You won’t be getting one because I just made it up! :stuck_out_tongue: