BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

Man, as someone who has one this is sad.

Spirit of vanilla is more important, some things that wasn’t used, or known about can change the current state of the game. Vanilla wasn’t completely polished when it was released, so obviously there’s some unintended stuff they’ve ironed out of the years. As well as this, stuff like this actually didn’t exist in vanilla, and is from our version of vanilla being used by the new client.

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I feel like you should stop saying paladin, this is a bug with extra attacks in general, you can do this windfury as well I’m willing to bet.


That we know of. Private servers have been around long enough that they hay have discorvered it and as many Private servers did patched and fixed it. But thats not to say it wasnt there

Either way its fine. Ppl can go to PvE servers if they dont like it

are you just now learning about reck bombs?

this has been known about for 15 years, lol.

you can literally watch esfand do these every single stream. and if you do watch it, youll notice he has his auto-atk key binded on 1 and he just spams it


People really have to stop referencing streamers as if everyone watches that horsecrap.


It never worked like that in vanilla - hoj only every gave 1 extra hit.

Everything else about stacking rek by abusing sit/stand.

Is this considered exploiting an ingame bug?

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Contrary to your personal lack of skills retribution paladin PVP is actually very good assuming you understand the fundamentals of Team play and how to actually set up Paladin damage.

You do not need this exploit to 1 shot leather classes playing a paladin, they can do it just fine without abusing a bug.

Very aware.

Again if ppl dont like this PvE servers are available

All of those extra attacks can reproc hoj.

This OP does not have anything to do with PVP or PVE servers dude, it’s a game exploit that also impacts PVE.

It just so happens to also impact BG’s as well as World PVP.


it’s a bug.

i hope blz fix it asap

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Actually theyve made it pretty clear what it has to do with

As we see here OP is upset that they feel its unfair in PvP

Watch the video again, it’s pointing out that the macro can easily trigger the proc by resetting the swing timer constantly.

The result is essentially a special attack on demand.

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You said…

I responded

Stay in context.

this was the context i responded to

This bug can get in line behind the vanish bug, the feign death bug and the horrendous bug that has honor not being counted. This is small potatoes in comparison

You must be on some very strong substances, but game mechanics or any kind > rewards in game.

Honor system being borked while annoying is second fiddle to game mechanics.


How about they fix both? Shouldn’t be much to expect from a multi billion dollar company.


Its not reproccing it (hoj) - its giving a melee swing AND 2 extra attacks by stopping and restarting your attack as it procs - i think this is an issue with spell batching because the game sees the swing that procs it, setting your next swing to 0 time but you stopped swinging. Then you start the attack again with a swing time of zero and because of spell batching the game still registers as having an extra attack banked. Im sure if you could click the macro faster between batched (400ms) swings - you would see more attacks.

Either way, abusing an ingame bug (sit/stand should NOT be giving rek stacks and is broken like enrage/blood craze on a warrior) can be considered an exploit.

I also created a thread about this when a certain streamer was testing how it can be abused in strath UD. The thread was deleted because it was deemed to not be doing enough damage to make it worth it.

The more I see how things are working the more I am leaning toward the complete batch cycle in “Vanilla” was 400 ms as is claimed.

However I also suspect that the complete batch cycle in “Classic” is 800 MS with half the cycle “your client to the server” being 400 MS.

This actually kinda makes sense because of how Execute is working right now…

Something is wrong for sure, but what is wrong? Guesses are all we got, but we can do our best to observe and come up with ideas.

Hand of Justice is a 2% proc chance. Is the macro altering that in some way?

As far as I can tell, the only thing the macro should be doing is preventing you from ever getting a normal white swing, thus requiring that an extra-attack already proc before you start spamming it if you want anything good to happen.