Broken - Heroic Battle For Darkshore

The button for Heroic Darkshore disappears after party is converted to raid.

No Heroic Darkshore Quest.

Season 4 starts next week, which is likely when it will be available


Season 4 has not started, so it is not open yet.


Yep…alliance gets hosed again. Just like Arathi.


Horde got “hosed” first when heroic Stromgrade opened up so meh, whatever.


the horde lovin devs purposely screwed over the Alliance once again , had to make sure Horde gets everything first, I bet even the toilet paper in Blizzards HQ has Horde symbols on it.


How is it that Blizzard hasn’t been sued a thousand times over by now, for their blatantly obvious Horde bias?

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If the bias is against “The Alliance” and it’s a fictional digital entity, who would be filing this lawsuit?


Wrong! The cool mugs they drink their Kool-Aid from have Horde symbols on them…The toilet paper has Alliance symbols and NPC faces on it!


Blizz really should have communicated (again) better about this. For a company of 15 years they should know by now but nope, they suck it up yet again

Is this a real question?


You didn’t know? Alliance is a race. Duh!


They’re 29 years old as a company come next month.

ally got heroic arathi first so stop crying yall also get aoo and like 20 or 25% extra for just having wm on bunch of cry babies


I don’t know… maybe their customers; who play the Alliance faction, and don’t appreciate being constantly #*$& on, while the people who play the Horde faction get practically everything they want?

who give a crap about wm, it is a complete lopsided 1 faction joke, they destroyed pvp servers for this gong show, just brutal.

15 years of MMO is what I was talking about

lol if you say so but the 5 full ally raids showing up into a shard to lag it out so no one can even move tell a different story. Horde players cant help it yall need 5 to 10 people in your group to kill 1 horde Its not our fault yall sit in town doing god knows what with wm off. Grow a spine and stop using the same excuse every baby has used there were sharding issues first few weeks at launch but they been fixed long ago. Yall are too spineless to turn wm back on and cry lopsided

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Somebody needs to bring some cheese into this thread.

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So as an Alliance player, I would be filing suit against Blizzard in defense of a fictional, digital entity that I have zero claim for to begin with since I have no ownership of digital entity. On top of that, as a player, I’m not bound to said faction in any shape or form, can easily switch to the other faction, and once again, have no claim of ownership towards my fictional character, the faction the character is a part of, or the software that the character and faction are tied to.

That about accurate?