BROKEN - Hand of justice gives Paladins windfury

If it was in vanilla then it should remain even if it helps warriors.



They already 1 shot rogues even with out this assuming they have the right gear.

This just makes it even more absurd,.


Absolutely broken. Can’t believe this game ever made it past the beta.


Neither can I considering all the QA issues that should have been addressed before it went live.

Been noticing DR’s for CC are messed up, From what i can tell Druid “Bash” is on the Warrior charge / rogue cheap shot DR instead of the Hammer of Justice / Kidneyshot DR where it belongs.

People think that BG’s are going to fix everything, but IMO it’s going to make very little difference in reality because so many game mechanics are broken.

Blizzard REALLY needs to fix a lot of stuff, and I have no idea where they could begin to make the biggest difference; he’ll just making a simple post of “We care and we’re working on it” would be enough for me.

Want to give us a little more? Time tables on various issues…


Batching… for a better world. For a future you can believe in. Wholesome, inferior, batching.

If only they had had an actual beta instead of a streamer shill fest…



It’s turning out that this bug is caused by…BATCHING!

Anybody surprised?



What do you think i seen this particular streamer testing in the beta - how to break the game for their own benefit - they never once created a bug report about it.


Imagine being a Rogue complaining about PvP. :>

This is normal behavior present in Vanilla, it is not a bug.


Its shamans too, I had a shaman hit me 4 times in one swing timer event and 2 of them crit I lost 2600 hp in 3 sec. Checked my combat log and it was all melee damage.


Hand of justice huh giving two extra swings versus one is normal vanilla behavior?

It is happening with all extra attacks across all classes. Could you create a Shaman only thread so the masses no longer think its horde targeting the alliance - and that its an actual issue?

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Funny how 99% of the people defending this exploit are Paladins.

Well actually i discovered some information specific to paladins and rek charges.

You still certain this is vanilla era behaviour?

dude, you don’t wanna go up against me on Vanilla/Classic Reckoning mechanics lol

originally published on warcraft movies on 2006-02-24

FYI that “blue” post that you linked, wasn’t written by a Blizzard dev - it was written by a player named Baconn - and he replied back to me just over a year ago on the forums here:

“Normally if you’re sitting down you would not get Reckoning charges from auto-attacks. However, you could gain charges from random NPCs by constantly sitting and standing up due to server lag: mob would try to attack you as your were sitting, so it’d be a forced crit. However, if you stood up just as you were getting hit, the server would see you as if you were standing and get a Reckoning charge.”

TLDR - Spell Batching says Hold my Beer…

Yes i do.

They changed it to specifically not work for Classic.

All you did was find a workaround from their change - otherwise known as an exploit.


Creative use of game mechanics

Seal Twisting also says Hold my Beer

PS They changed it so you couldn’t mash X on Classic as was the case on Private servers, none of which had spell batching ever enabled.


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Creative use of exploits.

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again, Spell Batching and Seal Twisting say Hold my Beer - not to mention Totem Twisting as well but who’s counting lol

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