BROKEN - Hand of justice gives Paladins windfury

Hand of justice huh giving two extra swings versus one is normal vanilla behavior?

It is happening with all extra attacks across all classes. Could you create a Shaman only thread so the masses no longer think its horde targeting the alliance - and that its an actual issue?

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Funny how 99% of the people defending this exploit are Paladins.

Well actually i discovered some information specific to paladins and rek charges.

You still certain this is vanilla era behaviour?

dude, you don’t wanna go up against me on Vanilla/Classic Reckoning mechanics lol

originally published on warcraft movies on 2006-02-24

FYI that “blue” post that you linked, wasn’t written by a Blizzard dev - it was written by a player named Baconn - and he replied back to me just over a year ago on the forums here:

“Normally if you’re sitting down you would not get Reckoning charges from auto-attacks. However, you could gain charges from random NPCs by constantly sitting and standing up due to server lag: mob would try to attack you as your were sitting, so it’d be a forced crit. However, if you stood up just as you were getting hit, the server would see you as if you were standing and get a Reckoning charge.”

TLDR - Spell Batching says Hold my Beer…

Yes i do.

They changed it to specifically not work for Classic.

All you did was find a workaround from their change - otherwise known as an exploit.


Creative use of game mechanics

Seal Twisting also says Hold my Beer

PS They changed it so you couldn’t mash X on Classic as was the case on Private servers, none of which had spell batching ever enabled.


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Creative use of exploits.

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again, Spell Batching and Seal Twisting say Hold my Beer - not to mention Totem Twisting as well but who’s counting lol

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Wait - you mean to link me evidence of vanilla era things (2004-2006) working as intended that contain combat parses and video footage from 2008? Really?

June 20th, 2008 - 10:10 am
20:53′52.859 Faptamerica gains Seal of Command
20:53′54.093 Faptamerica gains 1 Attack from Windfury Attack
20:53′54.093 Faptamerica’s Swing hits Brutallus for 1166 Physical damage (glancing)
20:53′54.453 Faptamerica gains Seal of Blood
20:53′54.453 Faptamerica gains Windfury Attack
20:53′54.546 Faptamerica’s Seal of Command hits Brutallus for 1661 Holy damage
20:53′54.546 Faptamerica’s Swing hits Brutallus for 1393 Physical damage (glancing)
20:53′54.671 Faptamerica gains 20 Mana from Mana Spring of Mana Spring Totem V
20:53′55.328 Faptamerica’s Seal of Blood crits Brutallus for 1858 Holy damage
20:53′55.328 Faptamerica’s Seal of Blood crits Brutallus for 1907 Holy damage
20:53′55.687 Faptamerica’s Seal of Blood hits Brutallus for 633 Holy damage (201 resisted)

Oh and thank you for the evidence proving that extra attacks in 2008 did not happen instantly.

20:53′54.093 Faptamerica gains 1 Attack from Windfury Attack
20:53′54.093 Faptamerica’s Swing hits Brutallus for 1166 Physical damage (glancing)
and then
20:53′54.453 Faptamerica gains Windfury Attack
20:53′54.546 Faptamerica’s Swing hits Brutallus for 1393 Physical damage (glancing)

Clearly a full .5 second later and only 1 attack granted not 2

Show me some real evidence that this extra attack bug happened in 2004-2006 the way its happening now. This proc also happened .01 second after gasining the buff, not .5.

20:52:16 is the melee attack that granted the wf proc (2 extra attacks)
20:52:17 windfury instant
20:52:17 windfury instant
20:52:17 one of those extra attacks granted a hoj proc (1 attack)
20:52:17 hoj instant
20:52:17 explain this one

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it’s evidence of SPELL BATCHING - which is what the devs added in for Classic


Spell batching on a .4 rotation. Correct.
The pic i linked is from Classic - with procs happeneing at .01 - no spell batching because people are exploiting it

Yeah, which is exactly the problem. They added a retail version of spell batching into a classic game. A huge change. #nochanges. This bug must be fixed to be in line with vanilla.

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spell batching has been completely removed for all intent and purpose from the retail version of WoW…

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Spell batching aside.

This behavious also applies to a paladins rek extra attack - granting not 1 but 2 instants

you said that using Spell Batching to gain Reck charges was an exploit - my rebuttal was that never mind the fact that there is video evidence of it being possible, but that Seal Twisting also followed the exact same functionality by using Spell Batching in order to have 2 Seals proc off of the same white swing and off of each other.

Rek charges? exploiting the stop/start macro GENERATES AN ADDITIONL HIT KEEP IGNORING IT.

Does it cause those 2 seals to GENERATE AN ADDITIONAL PROC OF EACH

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dude, you brought Reckoning into the conversation needlessly here lol

and your evidence was soundly debunked by my retorts because unlike you, I actually spoke with the author of the “blue” post as well as the original Vanilla WoW class designer, Kevin Jordan where we talk about Seal Twisting among many other subjects regarding Paladins:

  • Calling Countdown #2 – Kevin Jordan On Paladins (With Theloras) – 1:13:45
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Nope. Reckoning provides an instant counterattack for 1 swing *and using an exploit with spell batching (that is stop/start your swing within that batch) you can get 2 attacks

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again, Creative use of Game Mechanics - which is how Blizzard also viewed Seal Twisting