Bro these balance druids clone are so freaking obnoxious. This needs to be addressed asap. Literally rediculous

Bro these balance druids clone are so freaking obnoxious. This needs to be addressed asap. Literally ridiculous. TAKE 1 SEC OFF CLONE/FEAR LIKE YOU DID WITH EVERYONE ELSE’S CC AND BALANCE THE FREAKING META. How you going to have a ridiculous cc like clone that doesnt break that also leaves a lingering healing/dmg debuff on top of being the best cc in the game.

I legit thought this was a thread against multiboxing.

Carry on.


damn meant to put this in arena forums lol.

All good!

I was like “Clones? Like people gathering in Zaralek or Tyrhold or something?”

Clone has worked the same since it’s introduction except for the fact that it spent some time as a PvP Only talent. How are people being caught off guard by this all of a sudden? This is a talent that has been around since 2006. Is Fear, Sap and Sheep the next OP thread topic?


What a dumb take. All other cc were nerfed and cyclone wasn’t, so relative to the cc your listed it is much more powerful now that all those were nerfed while the meta has been sped up considerably. High winds was also buffed 50% this patch.

My take is dumb because it doesn’t agree with your “nerf X” post? It sounds like you have more of an issue with High Winds which is a totally separate talent only used in PvP and augments Cyclone. You are complaining about the wrong thing.

Cyclone itself is limited by range, kickable, line of sightable, totally immunes the target to damage and healing and has diminishing returns. There is punishment and reward to it. It is a lot more balanced than other forms of CC.


LMAO same! I can’t get get used to people abbreviating cyclone like that.


Your take is dumb because you put it in context with sheep and sap which were nerfed. Clone was buffed. You’re trying to say cyclone is the same as it always has been but relative to the current state of every other cc in the pace of the game, it is op. So youre either trying to purposely be deceitful or its a dumb take. Which is it?

Clones you say

Order 66


I haven’t been able to clone my balance druid since Mists of Pandaria when I cast Symbiosis on a mage. Please stop calling Cyclone “clone.”


My point still stands that Cyclone has remained the same since it’s existence. Other forms of CC have been nerfed but why was that? You have more of an issue with High Winds and Precog than you do Cyclone. You are continuing to complain about the wrong thing.

My context of comparing it to Sheep, Sap and Fear is due to the fact that those have been around since the existence of WoW but you are acting like Cyclone was introduced in 10.1.5. Cyclone is a strong and reliable CC and as I pointed out has a risk/reward return.

Cyclone is unique compared to the other CC’s and Mini-CC’s that were “nerfed”. You still call my take dumb but you haven’t presented any argument to your stance other than “Bro it’s freaking obnoxious” and then talk about the PvP talent that augments Cyclone without acknowledging it is a separate talent. Cyclone by itself remains fine.

So how am I being dumb or deceitful when all I am doing is attempting to educate you that you are crying about the wrong thing?

If you are going to make a Nerf X thread, have a point and then clarify that point if your attempting to get people behind it. If not, go write it down in your diary.


In order for Cyclone to ne OP, it has to have nearly 100% uptime. Which it can do

In order to have 100% uptime, thanks to cast timers and diminishing returns, it requires spam casting.

Spam casting Cyclone takes that person out of the fight just as much as the person being cycloned.

So your 3v3 just turned into a 2v2. A 2v2 i to q 1v1. In a 1v1, may as well alt f4

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That general take of your average 1600 in full effect here. It must be the dumb option since my point went right over your head. You are not experienced enough to educate anyone on the state of pvp especially to people 1700 higher xp than you.

Instead of reinforcing your argument you increase your attack. You certainly have me on the ropes and I concede. You’re right Bro, Clone is obnoxious. Point well proven.

Do you see anyone agreeing with you in your own thread? This most definitely did not turn out like you expected.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a Rival is trying to flex their “experience” …


I thought maybe I missed a new talent where balance druids spawned clones like mages do.

Chill mr “elitist.”

For the record, more cc was actually increased than decreased. Poly just got lumped into all the cc that was over 6s for blizz’s idea.

In fact, since so you’re so well versed, what about clone’s duration is problematic specifically now that didn’t exist say, 2 seasons ago? Because for every stormbolt length you name for counter pressure I can raise you an equal cc that was lengthened.

This post is completely disjointed, I cant seem to follow what you are trying to say.

Stop rating shaming

Your notion that all cc was lowered isn’t correct. This is pretty explicit. More were “increased” and it’s not like poly was changed for meta sake. It was just reduced because blizz didn’t want any cc to be longer than 6s. Hibernate and roots and banish and all that sort of crap was cut down the same.

I’d say this is self explanatory. You say clone is busted now with the changes. So, what about the changes have suddenly made it oppressive when it wasn’t before? Is fear now a problem too?

Was giving an example of saying now to counter clone pressure you may say stormbolt could be used but it’s duration is lowered. I was pointing out that other ccs, like cheap shot, like imprison, etc were raised though so it’s not all the same. Perhaps kick lockout length you think is too short? I’m just looking for some specific ideas and not parroting. Ya know, since.

Insinuates you are.