BrM AB Node Guarding Help

So i was doing Random BGs tonight on my alt BrM monk and guarding ST. I put my transcendence by the node and run up the hill a bit, so I couldn’t get sap capped. The rogue instead smoke bombed, i got to the node, he blinded me, i trinketed, and then he vanished/blinded me and capped. How do you defend that. he did it two or 3 times, and it lost us the game. The rogue was an 1800+ rogue in 220 gear so he also could kill my 188 ilvl BrM in a heart beat. But at the end a DK called me a noob and blamed me for losing the game (we only needed to keep 2 nodes at the end, so someone really should ahve been at St with me when we had it won). But yeah i lost it. How do i defend that?

I wouldn’t take what people say in random BG’s personally. But in that situation you could ring of peace from range


crap, thanks

Edit: i’m not personally concerned with what he said, because he knew i had trouble holding the base and no one came and sat with me

what i do as LFD NF protadin is sit around 30ish yards away with the -20% trinket and judge if they try raw capping
if they open with a sap from that far im sitting in it for about 6 seconds max so they simply dont have time to get there and do anything significant
if they try sap > smoke bomb cap i soulshape autoattack into their cap and save bop for their blind
i also have my racial to pop them if they go through all this and immediately try again before forbearance wears off
only outlaw could potentially beat my setup solo

you have clash at 30y and rop at 40yd + the radius as well as transcendence*
if you rotate through the -20%, autotrinket, and on use trinket, you should be much much harder if not downright impossible to backcap on too
hope youre also using chi wave honestly

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There’s so much i’m doing/gearing wrong… so yeah i’m looking back at it now

its a very weird meta and not particularly intuitive, just take a look at your talents and adjust accordingly to their team and what you think might happen
i dont yet have a brew but do you know if rushing jade wind interrupts caps? my consecration’s placement interrupts caps but the ticks dont, might be worth checking out if that works for you too so you can have more tools at your disposal to deal with these types of unorthodox situations

i don’t, i run the passive on that line that’s also good because i wanted to keep the playstyle simple while I learned, but i also realized i need to pop my ox when I can to help avoid capping along with Chi Wave was a good call, and RoP was just astupid on my part

you call your little pet tigers bro, also he didnt blind you twice my dude

i don’t have tigers as I’m a BrM, but good call on my saying blinded twice. I meant blinded and than vanished/sapped

oh well you shouldn’t be sitting. you could still but your trans tele whatever like 10 ft out from the flag and do a ranged after smoke ends. it doesnt last long enough to cap

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As a guardian I would always hide in the bush in stealth and wild charge in cat form and stun him.

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I was sitting just outside trans range so I could take a step and trans to the node but I wasn’t aware smokebomb wasn’t long enough to cap. Thanks

The thing about it is there is no single class that can stop a rogue indefinitely, you have to delay them and people have to respond to you asking for help. I don’t really know monks but from my experience you always have to be max range from the flag no matter what. There’s nothing stopping them from using kidney to run around and re-stealth into sap if you use your trinket on blind, and you can’t do anything if you are close enough to the flag. Drop a ring of peace on their smokebomb and only get close to the flag when you have no more ranged options


To be honest i’m undergeared, so this rogue really could have just opened and killed me if he wanted (he had as much HP as me as a tank).

But there’s a lot I learned through this. The few things I did right:
Trans by the flag and ran up the hill a bit (outside of Trans range but just a step or two), so I couldn’t get sap capped.
Yep that’s it.
What i should/could have done (and did wrong):
I should have Ranged the first attempt (learned that smoke bomb isn’t long enough.
I should have pulled out my Ox as a pet so i couldn’t get sapped or blinded and capped after that
With this i would still have a trinket for a 2nd go, so potentially I could have done a lot better.

After this thread, i think there’s a lot more i could do to prevent sap caps, so learning lessons at it’s finest.

It might be worth pointing out that if your ox is a beast it’s also possible that the rogue could(and probably would) vanish to sap the ox and blind you, forcing you to use trinket anyway. Thats why I have a pet that is immune to sap

I’m not really sure what it is, but that’s good to know:

Yep it would appear that he’s classified as a beast. What you would probably want to do is summon him if you’ve already trinketed blind, because then he would have to choose between sapping either you or him, and sap only applies to one target. There’s no way your team doesn’t come respond by the time the rogue can actually re-sap you to cap

i mean it’s alliance Random BGs, there’s a very good chance no one reads chats :slight_smile:

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You had no chance from the start. Rogues are over tuned 1 v 1 and have to many ways to pull trinket and reset with no skill what so ever.


feels like there was a lot more i could have done. It felt like that at the time, and didn’t help when i lost the game for my team. But all in all there’s more I can do.