Bring Your Friends and Take Wing with the Dragonflight Expansion Trial

How is this better? The free starter account doesn’t let you start groups, trade, or chat with other players. This particular trial only applies to people who aren’t currently subscribed, and they have to subscribe or buy gametime to make it work. The idea that they’re giving you access to all your characters after you have paid for gametime is like, duh. Of course you’re getting access because that’s what a sub does.

Everybody who would have wanted this took advantage of it in the previous trial.


Thats all this game has turned into!

Shame really. I can not stand M+ and the biggest reason is the price of admission.


Name another time WoW has run 2 free play time events in the first year of an expansion.

This is the first time.

And how is FFXIV doing? Is it growing, or bleeding subs? It’s growing. And it didn’t offer free time twice in the first year of Endwalker, I’ll tell you that.

Yes, you sure are.


The point is you don’t have to buy the DF box price. It’s pretty simple, you’re overcomplicating it.
How is it not better than what exists…?

My Brother will take advantage of this.

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Give your staff proper support and compensation so they can improve the game. Doing that and people will play.

If you build it… blah blah blah


Seems like an odd promotion. To play you still gotta get a sub. Then you spend a month playing DF. What happpens after to those who don’t buy it but still want to play overall? Will those characters be locked because they’re now above level 60?


The difference is you see it as a negative, I see it as a positive.

Exactly…? So things like this are good…? Hello, point going over your head?
WoD didn’t run these events, are you going to sit here and say WoD never bled subs?

-They had a free month of wow promo prior to Q1
-I BELIEVE two free DF weekends
-A 20% discount and 40% discount
-Classic promo prices are (or were) discounted
-And now a month long promo
-Not a promo or anything but they never released DF sales because they weren’t better than SL’s

So yeah…desperate. not a terrible thing, but I think the penny has finally dropped for them.


What color is your helmet?

I think it’s a matter of poor planning in both design and workflow. If they want to have a massive number of players, they need to accept that the majority of players will not be hardcore elites. This is immutable. People who play the game as a pastime cannot be enticed or coerced into changing. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter how much fun those who are hardcore elites are having, there aren’t enough hardcore elites out there who want to play wow but haven’t yet to fill the gap.

Meanwhile, they have a reputation of being glacially slow to respond to the need for change. It doesn’t help that their workforce is poorly paid and critical workers are leaving over deteriorating work conditions, resulting in canceled content.


I didn’t even know about it til I saw your post. It legit says it’s going to go on trading post at the end of the year. I don’t even like the helm or cloak, just the staff. I can wait and get it for free with tendies, not worth $10 canadian

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Yes but that could be a symptom. Like you said, when they keep losing staff, and there seems to be 0 trust in management, the staff are likely just mailing it in with what they can.

When they lack resources and morale is low, the focus is on retaining that “elite” and kicking the can down the road. I doubt the wow team has much R&D these days. The new zone feels like a copy of Nazjatar so far.

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They are giving former players a brief access to Dragonflight, provided they subscribe first.

I don’t understand. You pay for 2 months of gametime and get a brief access to content. If, when your content access ends, you decide not to buy and not to continue playing, you’re out most of the money you paid but didn’t use.

Oh, did he miss the free trial earlier that wasn’t restricted to returning players who had already paid and had level 60’s?

They’ve been understaffed like forever. I think the fault lies in top down planning and middle management incompetence because they were hired because they knew the right guy, rather than knowing how to assign projects with realistic timeframes to a team would could complete them.

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I liked it. My friends liked it. Shadowlands itself just had so many ‘bad faith’ engagements that it totaled any trust and faith in Blizzard. For me, I waited until there were actual corrections to the game itself and rejoined when I saw that they were worthwhile and genuine.

But, my friends were burned too badly and, justifiably, didn’t wish to come back for their own reasons regardless of the game’s nature changing.

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The base UI had name plates 3 days ago. Maybe they could look at how Plater displays name plates and compare that against theirs and see why the stock UI ones aren’t showing?

lol I just installed plater to see if it is a temporary workaround and it makes things worse. With stock ui nameplates I can see critters and pets only. With plater now I can only see critters. No amount of tinkering in the options, resetting cvars, clearing cache, disabling addons, nothing will make a nameplate show over a friendly. The only way to get an enemy nameplate is to center my camera on it and it flashes in and out of existence. Plater only makes it worse, and the critter nameplates I can see are hideously ugly.

I technically don’t have access to my evoker except during DF trials. I do have access to all of my other toons though. I created my evoker during the first trial, so I’ve had one for a while now even if it’s rare for me to have access to him since I don’t have DF.


PLEASE COME BACK! I called every day and you no home or no answer me :confused: Herro??

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I just hope I don’t get spammed on my 60s to buy DF every time I log in or change zones. I wasn’t even in DF content or on my evoker most of the time. If I’m not doing anything that’s specific to DF, then I don’t want to be spammed and am more likely to want to do something else until the trial ends. That drove me crazy during the last trial.


I had to reread that part of the article several times because I wasn’t sure if I was having a stroke or Blizzard’s copy writers were.

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