Bring Your Friends and Take Wing with the Dragonflight Expansion Trial

Bring Your Friends and Take Wing with the Dragonflight Expansion Trial

We’re offering returning World of Warcraft players with active Game Time or Subscription access to all their characters so you can jump into Dragonflight together. Call your friends, rally your guild, and soar into the Dragon Isles!

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PLEASE! We beg you! Come back! Well never ignore you or treat you like a cash machine ever again!


This reeks of desperation.

Isn’t this the second time you’ve offered this?

Not even a year into DF…wow.

We’re listening now, I swear!



already have access to all their characters? Did they get rid of the spam popups trying to get players to buy now?


How many people have an active sub and dont have DF??? Id guess less than 1% and theyre probably all playing classic or wotlk. Aint nobody wants to come back to dogwater retail…


Bruh, anyone that has played WoW is gonna come back and see how trashed everything has become, and just leave again.

My friends certainly did.

Stuff is convoluted and poorly balanced.


Think anyone who was going to come back, already did. I have friends who didn’t buy Dragonflight and haven’t had a sub in a long time. Seems once you lose some people, they don’t bother to return. They just don’t find the game fun anymore. And don’t have the time to commit to things like raiding. And I had a friend who used to be a good raid leader/tank, but he hates M+ so he doesn’t feel any urge to return even as a more casual player.


I was doing old content until going back to classic about a month ago.

My former mythic raider friend who hasn’t played since 8.3 won’t be coming back.


Perhaps make Dragonflight a one time purchase for your entire battlenet?

The days of buying an expansion 3 times for the three accounts I used to pay for are over.


What do you mean? You dont like it when all your progress is null and void after each patch or dont like that if you dont learn and run m+ at launch your in for a toxic mess? How does that not sound fun to people?? i dont understand…


I might take advantage of that.

My friend watches me work through frequent disconnects and freeze frame gameplay. He’s going to stick with single player games.


Come buy the new Guardian tmog for only $8!


Can we pause this til we get nameplates working again please?


Have you tried plater addon? I don’t really like the way it looks, but it works.


I think Shadowlands itself and the ongoing sexual harassment debacle has eliminated a lot of people from ever entertaining World of Warcraft and Blizzard again.

Even with the amount of goodwill and restoration (which is surely not a negligible amount imho), Shadowlands had destructed my friends, and I’m talking about multiple friend groups. People who’ve played World of Warcraft since Mists of Pandaria, even.

And whenever I talk to them and poke them about coming back or not, they all shake their head. Those whom I have on my friend list now are just people whom I never really interact with, and what used to be filled with rouhgly 50+ people that I could chat and raid with are dwindled down to 5 on a good day, maximum. Usually 2 or 3. If not none at all.


I think the game is just burnt out in general, what more can they really do without massively overhauling the game? If you didnt like the direction retail was going back in legion you still aint gonna like it today


I think the issue with this promotion is that it reveals that they don’t understand their target demographic. Players like me who hadn’t bought Dragonflight didn’t end up buying it after the free trial, which I would partly attribute to the constant popups to buy now. What are people who didn’t buy Dragonflight doing if they’re still subscribed? Farming old dungeons. When did you get a popup? Every time you entered or left an instance, used a portal, hearthed, and sometimes just when changing zones. Holy freaking popup, I must have manually dismissed over 100 of them that weekend.


FF14 is constantly praised for it’s free to play options.
When games do a free weekend on Steam it’s always a good thing.
But when WoW tries to do better; Desperate! Begging for players! Dead game!!

The player base is so annoying.


Isn’t the game always on sale too?

When the marketing team runs the show…

Internal drama airing all over the internet and the real question is:

Are the problems with retail due to dev incompetence? Disillusionment? Rushed deadlines? Lacking proper resources?

It doesn’t matter what kind of marketing tricks are tried. When it is full of bugs, imbalance, poorly optimized, convoluted, tone deaf design, butterfly effects everywhere… It’s not going to retain players.

We need more players to make and keep the game healthy. Bait them in any which way you want but once they all see the issues, they aren’t going to stay. Veterans are sort of married to the game with how much time has been invested and thus making it hard to walk away. For the newcomers, they can walk away at the drop of a hat. And they do.