Bring mercenary mode to classic

Mercenary Mode allows players to enter unrated [battlegrounds] as a member of the opposite faction. Players are transformed into an appropriate race and fully function as an indistinguishable member of their new team. Only available when a faction is experiencing long wait times, the feature aims to reduce queue times for these types of play, while still preserving the lore experience of factional conflict.

I hate seeing my horde friends wait so long between queues, already seen a few quit over it.

This will allow better queue times, and hopefully more solo vs. solo queue BGs instead of premade vs. solo queuers.


Since this isn’t live WoW. How to you think Blizzard would handle Paladin/Shaman with this system.


Disable it obviously for those classes

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Here come the “re-roll or quit” squad lol.
And the “allow a service to all classes except shamans and pallys? How dare you” comments.

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But I’m alliance lol.

i see a cute little noam right here but who knows if you’re hiding 94387593485745 level 60 zug zugs on your account? :open_mouth:

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And I am horde and I still say NO! #NOCHANGES. if they dont like the queue times they can re roll


I meant the reroll or quit squad will say that to the horde agreeing and wanting mercenary mode lol. Not to you :kissing_heart:

if they add stuff like this they might as well make epic mounts 50g or whatever they are in retail. because it’s that level of bad changes.

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Were we able to join as a mercenary when travelling the world during WPVP? No, we had to put up with the “PvP happening on a PvP server” nonsense.

Now it’s the Hordes turn to experience their long queue times.

45 min wait for Horde on OCE.


horde deserve ever increasing wait times for choosing the training wheels pvp faction


Negative. Re-roll if people don’t like queue times.
Faction choice means something again. Leave it alone. Shut up and play.



i told them for a while that there’d be no mercing to save them but they still ran their mouths. sweet, sweet justice. <3


Can’t play in queue. I don’t see the big deal

If you can’t figure out what to do while waiting for a bg to pop in an mmo maybe a nice game of solitaire is more your thing.

Because you don’t see the point of classic. This is a representation of when the game was raw. Before mtx destroyed the industry. Before the game was changed. Play it as is or don’t play. This is about player choices before the game held your hand.


Somebody needs to start making a list of all the interesting, unrealistic or extremely improbable changes that people want made to Classic.

It has to be a long one by now…

How about we don’t.


1.12 AV is not how it was for ranking…

And this doesn’t do anything to change the game.

More people I queue = better games.

More solo queue games instead of queuing into premades all the time etc.

There is no sensible reason to be against this change.

Also don’t speak to me about changes mr level 12 Says the level 12.

The game already strayed away from original vanilla. Might as well makme the experience better

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You should get ban for even suggesting merc mode in classic


No. Players who want merc mode can play retail. Leave classic out of it!