Bring back the Bots!

Mana potions went from 1.5g per to now 4g per pot

Health potions went from 20s per to 1g per pot

Righteous Orbs went from 8g to 30g

Large Brilliant shards went from 1.5g to 4g

Bring back the bots for like 2 weeks I gotta stock up again…


i agree, 14 silver copper ore on faerlina horde, this is disgusting, bring bots back!

Wait what…?

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Those prices are proof that the blanket bot ban and 30 instance cap are working effectively…


Thank god those bots are gone. Good riddance.
Integrity of the game is more important.


Yeh cuz now healers have to spend 10g on a dark rune/mana pot combo all cuz you didn’t like seeing toons with weird names around?

Or a warrior has to spend 3-4 times as much on a crusader enchant all because someone wrote a script to lvl alts in ZG when the majority of players are already 60?

Idk I mean I really didn’t feel a HUGE impact from bots in my everyday play, I 100% feel the effect from the recent ban wave and it was not a positive one as now I have to grind twice as he’d as I was before to compete with folks

I haven’t used a dark rune in BWL for months. When major mana pots jumped to 4g each, I switched to greater mana pots for 1.5G each. Healers don’t NEED these consumes outside of speedruns. But if you are in a hardcore guild which cares about speedruns, you will have a mage farm alt anyways.

Now, when AQ comes out, you might NEED those consumes for progression, true. But everyone will spend much more on progression, not just the healers.


I am in a speedy guild, my main is a mage and my alt is a 6/8 t2 priest. And I raid Mc, bwl, ony, ZG at least twice a week.” With full consumes.

It’s not like I can’t farm the Mats or pots, it’s not like I need them for the runs either, but it’s crazy that items, which the general consensus will be that they ARE required for AQ, essentially double, tripled or more in price over night

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Which is what we told EVERYONE would happen.


On a related note, does AQ40 drop more gold than BWL? We already get around 40G passively every BWL run, so consumes pay for themselves for healers at least.

Yeah… which means the people actually crafting these things can make decent gold. And the people gathering the resources for those crafters can make decent gold. Try joining one or both of those groups and make more gold and you’ll be able to afford the prices you are complaining about. Funny how all of that works out.


Those prices have been common place on my server for months.

No they are proof that the bots are still getting just as much gold by inflating prices.

oddd. other topics scream it didnt hurt bots.

There were two hot patches

  1. banned 74,000 accounts and targeted bots

  2. changed instance lockouts to 30 per day and that was targeted at player or bots who are boosting and misusing game mechanics. This fix was not specifically targeting bots, but targets game play and this is the change that people are upset about but are confused when they say this was aimed at bots because it wasnt.

But Blizzard banned 74,000 accounts which were supplying pots and mats to the AH in such quantities that everything was cheap for all plyers…how was that a bad thing unless you are trying to be the handful of people who control specific AH markets…?

Holy hell what server are you on that Righteous orbs were only 8g.

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At one point just before the ban wave they hit 6g for about an hour. It was on rattlegore

Lol blizzard got us again with the "you think you do, but you don’t "

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Those topics are from serial whiners who just want to complain. The change in bots has had a clear effect. I laugh at the people begging for Mara runs on my server now because so few bots/farmers are running them compared to before the purge. Prices are way up too.

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Never thought I’d see the day when someone would ask for the bots to come back.


That’s not how supply and demand work buddy.

There were a couple botters on my server that would each post 200-500 Major Health and Major Mana pots every day.

That was way too much supply for the market to absorb and the prices dipped well below the herb costs.

Major Health Pots were going for 60s on my server before the ban, Major Mana Pots were going for 2g on my server.

Now, there’s considerably less supply of both, Major Health Pots are up to 2g and Major Mana Pots are up to 6g. Most of the pots are now coming from legit players…

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