Bring back GhostCrawler

Bring back Greg (GhostCrawler) , bring back engaging content and creative idea’s
Thank You

Let Greg take over Classic and run a new branch of expansions a new fork capitalizing on the lessons of the failed retail experience today. Don’t just progress from Classic to TBC to WOTLK . build anew , a path not taken.


God no.


Ghostcrawler was way better than Ion is now.


God, remember when hating on Ghostcrawler was just basically, hey this story is stupid/this mechanic is boring?

Now with Ion it’s like…Bro, this game is garbage. WTF DID YOU EVEN DO?


sorry but he is doing a good job creating new games for RIOT which I am looking forward to trying; where as, Blizzard can’t even remaster an old game properly.


Which is why they are saying to bring him back.

Word, Retail and the legendary cloak is just lame grindy content that gates anyone who wants to opt out of it.

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Oh hell no.


Ghostcrawler was the beginning on the downfall of wow. Sub increase till him, then shortly after his reign begins population starts consistently dropping.

If you want him back then you don’t know your history.

Oh, and Ion purchased a glaive rogue for $ back in the day, where’s his account ban.


Greg was originally brought onboard during TBC, he oversaw the development of Wrath of the Litch King.

Nice guy, some cool ideas but I don’t think he’s quite the guy for the job regarding Classic WoW. Who knows; maybe he would be good at it, but you’re only looking at the lead developer roll that’s controlled in part by upper management now days (Activision).

As a result their power and authority dictate the direction the lead developer takes and as such that flows downhill to the developers under him to implement the “goals” of Activision.

As a result of this even if they did bring back Greg it would do very little to fix anything because the Lead Dev has his hands tied in a lot of ways that you may not understand.

Essentially he’s a well paid whipping boy now days.

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No way Ghostcrawler comes back and I don’t blame him. Too many spoiled rotten toxic players.

The most toxic of wow players defends the current dev team.


both are equally bad

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I have to admit I just can’t see the vision the current team has for the game and the total lack of real effort is mind boggling. BFa is by far and should be regarded on every resume as a complete Failure by the dev team. I am not holding out much hope on SL.

GC at least communicated good or bad he told it like it was. This is not so much some class imbalance BS complaint, this is direction, design and play-ability that is lacking. the lead dev is completely disconnected from what makes WOW a great MMO, I honestly don’t think you could classify wow as a RPG MMO any longer.

Classic was grindy, slow and tedious for sure but it wasn’t punitive. Lead Dev has a chip on his shoulder and only looks to punish players for their play-styles and need for content that he doesn’t like(ie. alt casual) I would do 1000 attunements over the dull and ridiculous rep grinds gated by undeveloped content.


This. So much this.

GC hating was a trend and the trend fanboys jumped on it hard. GC was the one dev to actually try and balance classes. I don’t have to tell you how much that was hated on by the over-powered at that time.

I was excited for Classic because Retail is a gear lottery joke (how many turtles need to make it to the water for me to get the same trinket 6 times in a row?). Classic has turned into not Classic but a version of it that is failing (pvp especially). Current devs have no idea what players want in Retail (hint: pvp vendors and no loot lottery). Classic devs are tweaking things and making them unrecognizable as anything Classic ever was.


is this so?

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He works for Riot. Why would he want to work for Blizz? One company is relevant and dominating Esports worldwide branching out into make a ton of new games, the other just keeps re-releasing old crap (Reforged, OW2) with new names hoping people will give them money because of the Brand name attached to it.

Bring back Tseric instead.


Yes it is so. I can’t remember the name of the rogue but it got transferred to a server for scarab lord then back to Malganis and into elitist jerks