Bring Auction House Overhaul to Classic

What the new ah does is not covered by an addon

Its not just about how it sorts. It changes how the ah works completely. No thanks

And thats why i dont want it. This isnt a cosmetic change. It changes how the ah workd

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Where did you get those numbers? Look I’d like that to be true but I’ve seen no reliable source for the numbers people keep throwing out here.

the 27th or 28th post, I linked the article

The bitter vocal minority calling the majority the minority because it’s louder and clearer than them. That’s some next level spin my friend.


It’s not “just because”, it’s the entire purpose of the game you are playing, the reason for it being here, and the reason those who worked for 10 years to get it here did so.

Get out of here with your entitled, manipulative nonsense.


The only reason I would oppose this is lack of trust. I think it’s unwise to ask the devs to do anything right now, there’s something wrong with them. That’s why classic is popular, because they didn’t make it someone else did. A return to the game’s roots.

It sounds like a simple enough request but they’ll include all the massive oversights with it by accident. Remember players farming black lotus and leveling to 60 overnight on launch? That’s because the devs barely touched classic with their dirty hands (layering). Those kinds of oversights.


Why are you ever buying linen cloth or any cloth for first aid. You get more than enough naturally except maybe mageweave.

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Every one who throws out numbers throws out different numbers and they all assert strongly their numbers are correct but no one every produces any evidence to back up their claims.

Your numbers? /shrug

Don’t use AH add-ons and don’t think there is any problems with the AH.

Get over it and stop asking for changes.


Not overpaying. I actually look at what I’m purchasing. I’m aware of how the AH works.

Good for you. Thanks for confirm there’s no reasoning behind it, I guess.

I don’t think that the entire purpose for the existence of the game is to be ideological about it.

If the game’s entire purpose is to have an interface exactly the same as it did back in vanilla, then its purpose has already been defeated. Luckily, I don’t think it has anything to do with that. Gameplay, sure.

I’m not sure what you’re saying, but if it’s that UI doesn’t directly impact gameplay, you don’t understand what a UI does.

This isn’t ideological, that’s absurd (and disingenuous). It’s literally about the practical aspects of the game, and maintaining those as authentic. You know, the entire reason for Classic existing.

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You’re very keen on telling me what is the entire purpose of the existence of classic WoW when I’m sure you know as well as I that different people are playing for different reasons.

Anyway, I seriously doubt that the new AH interface will be ported across, honestly. It’s development effort I doubt they’d be interested in making.

Yep it looks pretty.

Thanks for that link.

After reading through a good chunk of it there is a lot to learn that wasn’t in the content preview video. He does not talk about a lot of the underlying changes to how auctions work on that system and how it fundamentally changes the way the entire AH based economy works in WoW.

Sure, when you are dealing with 15 years worth of different weapons, armor, mats, Battle Pets at differing levels, cross faction listings,etc. . . it may be a needed change. But there are not enough items or active auctions in Classic to justify such a massive overhaul. This goes far beyond the capabilities of current AH add ons.

Mark my words, this is one of those things that the many current Retail players are going to look back on in a few years with the same disdain that #nochange classic players have for flying, transmogs and LFG/LFR.

The new ah is not just an interface change though. It fundamentally changes how the ah works

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Absolutely agree. And this is why I have been saying. It’s a new design, but it’s a design that is tailored specifically to solve current retail AH problems. So not only has it not been tried out on live retail realms for any length of time yet, but we don’t even know how the developers would attempt to change it further to adapt it to Classic realms which have really different needs.

I also just read through blue responses at the bottom of the thread and I see a pattern of them only addressing minor bugs and not really any of the design decisions that players have given them fabulous feedback on as well as some not-yet-seen-or-discussed features that players seem to really want that they don’t appear to have any plans for. It doesn’t give me a lot of confidence.

I’m just imagining the potentially volatile reactions we’d see to such things as:

Commodities (stackable items) cannot be bid on (two things in one phrase I think would cause arguments in Classic-town)

Copper is no longer displayed in the auction house, but is used for calculations behind the scenes.

Auctions at the same price point are sold last in, first out. (also you don’t see the name of the player(s) you are buying from. )

On the flip side I see one good thing that I think would port quite nicely:

You can now use advanced search operators, including exact match ( “iron ore“ ), exclusion ( -iron ), and OR ( iron | truesilver ).

I’d like that feature but it doesn’t go far enough to address searching and categorization problems and based on player feedback posts I’ve seen I think they still have more work to do in that department.