Brawl With The Blues Part Two - August 4


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Brawl with the Blues event last week. It was a lot of fun and it was great to jump in and get schooled by all of you.

Thanks to you, we identified a bug in the new system that was preventing HKs from properly granting Honor in real time. We now believe that we’ve fixed that bug.

To make sure we’ve got everything fixed, we’d like for you to join us again on Friday, August 4 for Brawl with the Blues Part Two, to help us gather more data and to everything is working as expected at scale.

As with our last Brawl, we plan to have some fun with things*.

We’ll see you on the PvP test realm at 2:00 p.m. PDT on Friday, August 4.

*We heard Onyxia deep breathes more in Arathi Basin, but we weren’t able to verify to voracity of these claims during our last test, so we’ll need to look more closely this time :blush:


This was hilarious! Maybe should be a brawl idea in Retail. (Where the losing team gets to summon a choice of three raid bosses sorta like a nuke in CoD)

Also this time summon Sapphiron :smiley:

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Can we get naxx gear next time?

Does this mean the HC PTR is not going back up on July 20th, as was previously mentioned?


I came here to ask exactly this :wink:

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Bumping for Blues.

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just tell people when…?

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please add engi items to the vendor

Also waiting for an answer here


As you can see, we’ve updated the title and OP in this thread.

We appreciate everyone’s participation in our Brawl with the Blues event last Friday.

We got a lot of great data from that playtest, and even discovered two major issues that we were able to identify and fix due directly to everyone’s participation.

We previously planned to hold another Brawl with the Blues event tomorrow, but we need some more time to work on our algorithms, so we’re now planning to hold the next playtest on August 4, 2023 at 02:00 p.m. PDT.

The WoW Classic team wants to again stress how appreciative we are for your assistance in helping us make this new Honor system the best it can be.


Much love,

Thank you for taking HC above and beyond what most players expected. Any intension on having an alert system for deaths? Guild-wide or even faction-wide?


Good day Kaivax,

I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank you” to you and the others for the update on the Blue Post re: Brawl with the Blues. It shows clear and continuous communication regarding the Era PTR and that yall are still working hard to make Era the best it can be. :slight_smile:


can we have this kind of assistance in retail there is 0 communication

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I want to second the request for faction-wide death options. That was my favorite part of the addon and it made the world and community feel very active.

This is a small thing, but the death message from spirit healers referring to me as “Champion” feels very un-classic to me. None of the other npcs talk to my character that way and it felt very jarring to see it.

Other than that, thanks for the hard work!


can u address the fact that these pvp changes are widely unpopular for era? Are teh devs reconsidering implementing these changes for era at all?

[citation required]

“trust me bro”

so no testing for 30-60 in hardcore?