Boycotting Classic Until 24hr Instance Cap Is Removed

Ive literally never even seen a druid use MCP at all lol

And I think Blizzard is saying fine, but 30 per day is enough already.

And I’m telling Blizzard that it’s not fine, and that 30 per day is incredibly minimal.

After 6 hours

It’s not 6 hours.

time to go interact with others on the server.

By locking me out of their groups?

You can do another 6 hours tomorrow

Why would I want to do 6 hours?

Not the end of the world.

Right, which is why we’ve told Blizzard that we plan to move on if the change remains.

Toughen up a little, maybe.

I’d offer you the same advice.

As they said, it only affects a handful of people.

It clearly doesn’t.

Roll with it. It’s not that big of a deal.

This is clearly wrong. Check the thread.

So you’re saying Blizzard is lying?

Most likely yes…

Like they say they have a anti cheat program or they care just look at this video on youtube it blew my mind.
Bots are using GAME BREAKING EXPLOITS In World of Warcraft Classic

Classic has a ton of exploits. Blizzard tried to put a bit of a limit on one with this little change, and a “handful” of players are losing their $hite and demanding unlimited exploits! It’s disappointing.

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This is more than just a small exploit they are sending unscripted package to wow servers and the server are accepting it! That mean a skillful hacker could just go /kill everyone and everyone would go floop on the floor?

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That some scary things right there…0_0

We can only hope. Revert the change blizz do something that will actually work.

Judging by your and your ilk’s reaction to the change, it is working quite well.