Boycotting Classic Until 24hr Instance Cap Is Removed

So ya RIP to every feral druid whi hits instance cap farming MCP’s. And RIP to every player who isn’t botting to boost guildies or farm dungeons for BoE etc.

Seems like the only way for Blizzard to hear our frustrations is to be vocal about our distain and to not play Classic until it is changed.

For me I will still be playing BfA but won’t be logging into classic at all until its changed. (RIP my feral druid).


instances are intended to be grp content.


How dramatic. Bye.


Ya Feral druids are even less viable without MPC’s for raiding.

Also I farm SFK for twink BOE’s. Rogues also stealth run BRD for coffer runs. Its making people who dont bot unable to play.

Its also for all your characters on your server so ya cant even do instances on alts.

Furthermore during Monday through Fridays I only play 1 hour a day if that because of work but on the weekends I play about 14 hours each day.

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Could you not simply just spread out your MCP farm over the course of a week, 6 hours a day maybe, instead of just trying to do it all in one burst?


if you’re still paying them, your boycott doesn’t meaan much


I work so M-F Im lucky if I get 1 hour to play each day so most of my farming is done on the weekend and Im playing an average of 14 hours on those days.

Not to mention my other level 60’s. The instance cap counts from all your characters on your server. So if I do 30 gnomeregan runs on my druid I cant do any dungeons or raids on my Mage or Hunter.


You do realize that instance limits exist in Retail as well, right? I mean they have been a thing since patch 1.9 according to my research. Feel free to return to Retail, but you will still have instance limits there.



Blizzard values time played metrics over subs.

And if I wasn’t farming transmog or mounts in BfA id be unsubbing.

I’m not capped to 30 per day across all my characters though. There is a cap of 10 an hour in Retail. But it doesn’t affect me unless my runs are under 6 mins of an instance.

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Yeah all I do is farm SFK for twink items to sell as well, 30 resets is NOTHING for me. It’s a side hobby of mine for when I’m not PvPing on my own twink characters. My sub ran out today, and i’m trying to find something to play until they revert the change, or if they don’t i’ll simply not re-sub. Was really here waiting for TBC so I could do max level PvP, and was going to probably level from 60 to 70 via dungeons. But with the cap, that ain’t happening either. So yeah, not a lot of reason to play after this game changing massive update.


What’s really sad is, it had to end for me and many others over something so dumb, like blizzard isn’t really solving anything with the change. It’s such a strange way to lose subs, like no one asked for it, and idk how it managed to make it past the discussion in which someone brought the idea up, let alone make it into the game live. That’s crazy.


see you in a week


All Blizz is doing is making more money. Bots will double their accounts or quadruple so they can farm 24/7. Meaning Blizz is getting $30-$60 from them.

If the cap was at 50 it wouldn’t be bad, but its just horrible.

Meaning? I mean if its reverted I will be back. But if not I’m content with Shadowlands prep.

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For real that’s about all it does, looks like some benine sort of cash grab disguised as some sort of fix to the game. It’s so off the wall and game breaking for so many people in the game for no good reason. And it just came so suddenly, and I never really saw anyone suggest it before now. Like there were a few threads here and there complaining about mage boosts but even then most of them were laughed at and hidden for being marked as spam. Like there was no huge support for dungeon limits anywhere on the forums even.


You boycott instance cap but not bots hacking?

You should play another game comrade.


Im against bots, no where in the post did I say i was for them. The 30 instance cap doesn’t stop botting at all. It just means bots will make 2 to 4 accounts to farm 24/7 still.

In the process feral druids cant raid now because of the cap from farming MPC’s and caping game play time for those who farm low level dungeons for mats, twink BoE’s, BRD coffer runs, or boosting guildies alts.

Manual Crowd Pummeler has a 33% drop rate.

You can get 10 of those, on average, per day.

Why does this change affect feral druids?


If you are lucky. Sometimes in that day you might only get 3 or 4.

And it affects players who may only be able to play a few days a week because of work. But on those 2 days they may average 30 hours.

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There’s a new Path of Exile league coming out on Friday. I’m goingto be playing that for the foreseeable future it seems…

I also only play on weekends mostly, this “fix” screws me hard.


Same, it screws guys like you and me who only play 2 days a week.

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