Boycotting Classic Until 24hr Instance Cap Is Removed

How is this changing anything? You’re still giving them your money lol. They literally don’t care if you smash your computer with a hammer as long as you’re paying the sub fee

but he’s having fun playing BFA for that money.

Not to mention you can just item restore MCP that youve sold and they get returned with all charges restored so you only really need to farm a set amount.

Welp that’s going to get fixed now. :frowning:

I just boycotted getting on a zoom call with my wife’s family. Not doing it until blizzard cancels retail.

Lol no it wont, Blizz doesnt care about classic lol

Doesn’t care about classic

30 instances a day lockout

Bans 74,000 alledged bot accounts

Makes changes that were not in line with their vision

Doesn’t care about classic

I’m not deciding anything. I’m just a player.

That’s funny, because you say right after this that

And before you answer that you should have the right to play the game however you want, no, you don’t. We are sheep. Rats in Blizzard’s maze. Developers place boundaries within every game in order to steer players toward playing games in the manner they deem best.

Who are you to decide this for us? Activision-Blizzard is not the Blizzard that designed 2008 WoW. Classic WoW was a finished product. We allowed current Blizzard (Activision-Blizzard) to host us and take our money in exchange for stable servers (though as they’re not quiet up to par on that).

Then maybe don’t waste your 30 daily clears on dungeons intended for characters 30 levels below you?

Gnomeregan is very clearly intended for me, since my MCP is there. Saying that it was not intended for me 15 years ago and that it is not intended for me are two entirely different discussions.

Point is, if you were running dungeons appropriate for your level, instead of these baby dungeons, the cap likely wouldn’t be a problem, because endgame dungeons take longer because you are killing mobs more your level.
The only exceptions I can think of are BRD arena runs and DME jump runs. And as I’ve said before, SGC was intended to be a rare item, something a few lucky individuals on each server could be proud of, not spam-farmed by everyone.

I think you might be misunderstanding. Players have the ability in Classic WoW to reset instances. We have that ability for a reason. How is this different from any other rare item, like Briarwood reed, Eye of Shadow, etc.? Those are spam farmed, as they should be.

And the RTV’s in DME were intended to be a little bonus for miners at the end of the run, not something to be skipped to and spammed for hours on end.

And they are part of what contributes so much replay value to DME. This is good design. Why are you complaining about about the replay value of DME? Do you not like that the bonus gives us incentive to return?

You should attach you filled out butthurt form in the comments field when you unsub. lol

I’d also like to thank you and your ilk for years and years of entertainment.

And I think Blizzard is saying fine, but 30 per day is enough already. After 6 hours, time to go interact with others on the server. You can do another 6 hours tomorrow, and the next day. Not the end of the world. Toughen up a little, maybe. As they said, it only affects a handful of people. Roll with it. It’s not that big of a deal.

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Ive literally never even seen a druid use MCP at all lol

And I think Blizzard is saying fine, but 30 per day is enough already.

And I’m telling Blizzard that it’s not fine, and that 30 per day is incredibly minimal.

After 6 hours

It’s not 6 hours.

time to go interact with others on the server.

By locking me out of their groups?

You can do another 6 hours tomorrow

Why would I want to do 6 hours?

Not the end of the world.

Right, which is why we’ve told Blizzard that we plan to move on if the change remains.

Toughen up a little, maybe.

I’d offer you the same advice.

As they said, it only affects a handful of people.

It clearly doesn’t.

Roll with it. It’s not that big of a deal.

This is clearly wrong. Check the thread.

So you’re saying Blizzard is lying?

Most likely yes…

Like they say they have a anti cheat program or they care just look at this video on youtube it blew my mind.
Bots are using GAME BREAKING EXPLOITS In World of Warcraft Classic

Classic has a ton of exploits. Blizzard tried to put a bit of a limit on one with this little change, and a “handful” of players are losing their $hite and demanding unlimited exploits! It’s disappointing.

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This is more than just a small exploit they are sending unscripted package to wow servers and the server are accepting it! That mean a skillful hacker could just go /kill everyone and everyone would go floop on the floor?

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That some scary things right there…0_0

We can only hope. Revert the change blizz do something that will actually work.

Judging by your and your ilk’s reaction to the change, it is working quite well.