Boy this sure is fun


They brought the STV experience to you.


That’s when you roll an alt on another server, a PvE server, where you won’t have to deal with the unfortunate realities of being on a PvP server.


Yes less of a chance but no guarantee that what’s happening right now won’t continue because at the end of the day participation is still player choice.
While you’re expecting your faction to stand up for you in wpvp and allow you to get into the entrance of the safe instanced pve content…when do you return the favor for others in your faction?
How exactly does balanced factions help you run instanced pve content on a pvp server other than entry to the safe space?
All these posts clamoring for “faction balance” to obtain entry to instanced pve content. Smh.
There’s multiple solutions to this. Try one.
The point most stupid, ignorant people miss is they have options to avoid this but hey it’s blizz’s fault cuz balance.

Lol. Just… lol. People not smart enough to use an available option to fix their own issue is nothing to lose sleep over. If they haven’t figured out how to handle these issues on their own after 15 years retail is there to hold their hand. God speed on their journey out.

Farewell. God speed. May they always have calm seas and guiding winds to hasten their voyage.
Just remember kids the same thing is going to happen when we get Classic TBC. So take the lesson from this and roll a pve server in Classic TBC. Hellfire Peninsula will be lit!
Wrath will also be the same. Plan accordingly.


But I signed up for player vs PLAYER, not person vs PEOPLE.

No, you signed up for person vs. PEOPLE.

The only difference between a PvE and PvP server is that you can gank people on a PvP server. That’s what you signed up to do - to form squads so you could crush other players who never had a realistic chance to defend themselves.

You just didn’t think you’d be on the losing side.


You could not pay me to roll through Hellfire Peninsula on a PvP server. No, nope, not happening. The forts are one thing. That’s cool, and wouldn’t mind dealing with it. But I’ve been ganked enough by the Fel Reaver coming out of nowhere to ruin my day! No way do I want to add players to that mix!


BGs are cross realm, individual server population means nothing… It’s like you don’t research anything before spouting nonsense.


Except there’s more PvPers on horde then alliance? You think enough ally on PvE servers are gonna queue up to equal that imbalance?


Yes? I know that you are regretting your choice and grasping at straws to try and justify it, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna believe your drivel.


Dont let these sheeps tell you that its normal. By the way, a horde on heartseeker made a similar post and surprisingly, people were agreeing with him and no one said the “pvp happened on a pvp server” so its ok to get 40v1 if you are alliance, but not if you are horde.

Now back on the matter. I understand your frustration even tho this doesnt happen to me on earthfury (pretty close to 50/50 server). Wpvp and pvp at the moment is ruined on many servers because of faction imbalance. You could put the best pvper in the world on a 80/20 server and he would have the same experience as you because in the end, 10 people will always win vs 1 guy. You bring 10 friends? They will bring 30. Etc.

No one could have known in the begining that the server he chose would be so unbalanced. And blizz made the matter worst by letting the underdog faction be able to transfer to another server.

You cant “gitgud” when you are outnumbered 3:1. Its not wpvp right now, its just a flaw in the game and people telling you its real pvp are just the one farming the underdog faction and having no problem at all doing anything else in the world. Easy to say git.gud when you actually can play the game.

These people lack nuance and intelligence to understand that people dont cry about pvp, they cry about major faction imbalance and the fix shouldnt just be “reroll nub”.


Check back about 5 days after BGs launch


Hmm sounds like your on a more balanced server. Why don’t you try leveling on an over populated horde server and get good.


Nah, I’ll be too busy dumpstering alliance in BG’s to care.


Hell nah that’s when you play other games while waiting for bgs to destroy these nooblord hordes who think they’re good.

Can’t wait to use my 5piece tier 1 boosted infernal on these trashcans and watch them burn because they cannot handle a fair fight :smile:

It’s about time the horde suffers what id call a « humbling experience »

If you’ve read this far youredead


Must be nice to have so much free time and resources to completely throw away a character and start on a brand new server.


It really isn’t that hard. It is the same as rolling an alt, except you don’t have an old char giving you bags and gold to start out. Plus, you don’t have to rush on PvE servers, and you’ll still find plenty of people doing low-level content as they level alts.


It’s a game. Spend your time as you wish. Quit expecting Blizzard to fix a problem of your own making. Would you rather level a new character unmolested on a pve server where you can do the important work of fighting dragons? Or do you prefer feeding Hordes need to kill Alliance. The choice is yours.


On a PvP realm. Yes.

Don’t have PvP as a priority, it’s going to get ugly.


Good thing you posted this to let everyone know about the problem. I, for one, have been shocked by how few people have been talking about this on the forums.

(Ôwns) #39

Just give it a couple weeks OP, these people saying git gud will soon be crying because BGs killed WPvP again.



How many of these complaints are about actual wpvp battles though? None? It’s all about not being able to get to pve content on a pvp server.
Yea. You’re right there’s some nuance here. That nuance was missed by so many back in August. This is the result of their choice that they did not think through.
Rerolling to a pve server sure does fix their “problem” with a quickness though. Doesn’t it?