Boy this sure is fun


You can see in the future? I rolled on kromcrush first, server was hell, transfered to earthfury and prayed it would stay 50/50. It did, but it sure could have become 70-30 like many other servers. No one knows.

Many of these complaints are about wpvp, but ill think for you since you seem incapable of thinking further… people are frustrated about getting slaughtered 20 to 1 on servers because of server imbalance. Yes its about wpvp battle, but the real frustration is about the 20v1 everywhere without having a single chance to retaliate, because of server imbalance.

Its not just about not being able to do pve on a pvp server, heck they cant even pvp on a pvp server. Even if they try, they will get outnumbered instantly and instakilled. Thats not “pvp” thats just a broken mecanism. The game is literally unplayable for them, pve or pvp.

Imagine if AV was suddently 40v10 for one faction, and people in the 40 man raid would just insult the 10 guys and say “git gud” “pvp happened nub” while they zerg them and camp the gy. This is nonsense.


PvP happened on a PvP server. Nothing to see here? if you dont like PvP then try PvE its more your speed.


Ummm you will be in shadowlands. I will simply play Path of Exile like I was before classic released.


Agree 10000%


Waiting for that juicy paid server transfers to leave you with a full horde dead server for you to enjoy.


PVP servers will not miss you, dont know why people with your loser mentality rolled on a PVP server to start. Good bye.

  • correction, horde will probably miss you.




Classic WoW definitely brought out all the entitled austistic lazy spergs from their caves…

You really cant think of another way to get to BRM?


I agree. I look at it this way. The hardcore honor farmers are doing this to themselves. I think that there should be a transfer from pvp to pve. Because its a game mechanic that is allowed (res camping), and how it used to be also does not always mean its a good thing to do. I understand the get good trash talk and all that, they bring it to the forum pvp as well. What these guys are doing is cutting off their nose to spite their face. When people are quitting or leaving the server there should be a general consensus to maybe hold back from res camping people till they log out. When people leave, it creates further imbalance in the game and pretty much you have a one sided realm. They are so enamored with getting honor they are ruining their own game play in the long run. This takes me away from the no change stance to doing something to deter this toxic game play. I know back in vanilla this was done, but never to this extent and so focused on. People have become more sycophant and sociopath than ever.


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Classic Horde players are the type that would play a cockroach if it was OP because, you know, immersion.


Since im on a opposite faction of the dominate one not sure what the issue is. I dont cry over my choices and instead embrace the chaos getting free high ranks as there more people to kill.


Join the smart crowd and roll PVE.


I don’t need to be a prophet to tell you what is going to happen on a pvp server in any game. I can look to history to tell me what people will do to other people when given the chance.

The same chance everyone takes rolling on a pvp server with a two faction system. Nothing new here. Every server will always have this potential. I agree. None of us can know.
Going in we know this. So it’s either deal with it, roll pve, take a transfer, or reroll elsewhere. Players have more social media platforms to engage and organize on to help this. Are they doing it? Who’s leading that charge? The community itself can help this “issue”.

Not from what I’ve read. All I see is “40 minute corpse drag into brd” and such. I don’t see " we tried kill thrall last night with 3 full raids but horde had 7 in org and they destroyed us".
Like i said these are complaints about not getting to pve content. Not about wpvp.

Thanks but no thanks. You’re struggling a bit and I trust my proven logic over what you’re calling logic. Balance factions are not going to fix your issue because overwhelmingly all of these complaints are about getting into instanced pve content that removes those players from your “balanced” pvp server anyways. Lol.
You can’t see that eh?

Its called “LFM wpvp. We must defend our honor! Pst for inv”.
Oh that’s right your own faction replies with things like: “Get bent. The horde pwns. We can’t win”.
No way participation could be a factor in your imbalance issue. Guess to think something like that takes a big brain IQ.

Literally this is wrong. There’s a whole server list. You mean to tell me every single server is “literally unplayable”. Funny I was just playing this “literally unplayable” game. Guess I figuratively changed my UI this morning and did 4 quests.
Again. It doesn’t take a 200 IQ to find an option but it does take a bit of effort to execute a chosen solution.

I imagine most being smart enough to not take the rez or leave but it seems these types of decision making skills are rare in this forum.


Do you actually play Classic or are you just a retail forum tourist?


Yeah PvP happend on PVP servers. But back then A server had 5 k players cap. Do you know what does this mean ? People were spread all over so maybe you had pvp in Searing Gorge and Blasted Lands over Winterspring but you still had other places to go and do something else. But since now We have MEGA Servers you have players everywhere. IF you cant understand this simple thing it is on you.


Blizzard offers transfers off imbalanced, full pop realms and the minority faction overwhelmingly jumps at the chance to leave and you blame the #nochanges crowd? This is a change you muppet.


I like how everyone assumes if the servers were magically “balanced” world pvp would suddenly be this fair fight where you kill someone once or they kill you once, everyone smiles and then goes on with their day.


Servers were not that heavy populated back then, so your argument is invalid.

Your argument is flawed too because you seem to imply that faction ratio is 50/50 and that alliance can just /lfm wpvp and be done with it. Guess what, this works on my server because its close to 50/50 so horde doesnt hold on to FP/boats etc for a long time before we crush them back

But on a 70-30 server its impossible to retaliate, alliance will always be outnumbered. Even if they manage to get 40 people and clean the horde for 15min, they will get swarmed not long after by 120 horde. Thats the reality

Saying its pvp and its part of the game shows bad faith. If blizz would change balance and make it so its always 40v10 in AV, im sure you would still say: its pvp, you rolled for that knowing its 40v10, just quit. Thats dumb. If blizz fix server balance, the they will fix wpvp.

I rolled on a pvp server because I love wpvp. Sure, i get 3v1 often and i dont care cause its part of the game and I know i have many friends that will come help me and ill make the horde pay twice. Unfair fights happen in wpvp and its not tne issue. The issue is being always outnumbered by a large marging, making any attempt to retaliate null. Saying “just suck it up” is just stupid and even more considering you are on the dominating faction and its 3asy to say.

Why arent you on heartseeker if you are soooo good ? Heh i already know why


60 Undead Warlock on Mankrik. But I’m lazy and don’t bother switching back and forth between characters to post on the forums.