Bounties can fly?

No? Well, if they are not supposed to be able to fly. RIGHT NOW! (100 hours central time - US)
There’s a mage named CW and a priest named Isthia (and others) that are flying in Nazjatar as bounties.
Exploit or cheat?
If there’s a GM, find those toons in their shard and observe.
They are also casting spells and riding their mounts. (all while flying/floating)
Not sure how.

LOL, Hi There, You arent the 1st to ask about this and certaintly wont be last…There is a horde only quest that allows us to in a certain area to “fly”…

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Casting while flying/floating? You’re a cheat buddy.
What I don’t get is why you feel the need to do it when you’re a decent player but, oh well, I’m getting screenshots. :wink:

and again just putting this here, as was pointed out in a different thread. No Exploiting or hacking, just using game mechanics, just like the anti-gravity packs on mechagon

To Soar Like a Ray

Bring back 7 fathom ray eggs. A level 120 Nazjatar Quest (Combat Ally Quest). Rewards , 2 Prismatic Manapearl, and 100 Nazjatar Ally - Poen Gillbrack.

Ability is called Swim Jet

Swim Jet

A blast of water shoots the user up and allows them to float for 6 sec. This is an Uncategorized Spell. Added in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.


My favorite is watching you disappear behind rocks! It’s just amazing that you have found all of these exploits.
Hopefully, they pay attention to you two for a while. :wink:

I’m good with being watched, been playing since the game came out. Never once used a hack or exploit, all i use are game mechanics. I’m sorry your 40-80 man groups couldn’t get the easy kill you all seem to believe you deserve :smiley:


So, basically, you haven’t completed the Nazjatar stuff so, you can use the exploit.
So, hopefully, blizzard will adjust accordingly and phase you out until you do.
Again, I’m glad you guys are responding.

Again, that has been brought up in other threads as Isthia pointed out and ask your Ruin Leadership, they know where I go and what I do and they have told you all countless times to not engage us. Do you listen?, obviously not and you die and then complain on the forums about it.

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You’re a BOUNTY floating in the air and casting spells. How is that even possible?
Again, I’m glad you guys are responding.
I look forward to the blizzard fix of this “bug”.

I’ve completed pretty much everything in Nazjatar, just need a few more toys/pets (can even look i have the mount for doing everything out here). and we don’t even get this quest every day, its a follower quest. You know those 3 random quests you get when you pick up your follower…we had to wait over a week for it to come back around again just to annoy you all.


No bug, intended as stated in quest…make a 120 horde and come look


Again, was the intent of blizzard to allow a bounty to fly?
Buddy, enjoy your ban. :slight_smile:

ask about bounties in mech flying lately? and in stealth?

If you want to be technical, we are not flying, we are floating, my bad that blizz lets us use levitate while we have bounties with a quest item that gives us 6 seconds to move around before we start falling.
“A blast of water shoots the user up and allows them to float for 6 sec.”


Also we are limited to a zone as the quest states . Not even a big portion of the map. Just in the Coral Forest area.


math hard?

I’m just going to sit here and be greatly entertained by the gimmie gimmie attitude of most Ruin players.


Glad you responded; bravo on the creative use of game mechanics (and I’m saying that as someone who wasted time tonight chasing you around).

… for some odd reason, the song “Fly Like an Eagle” now is echoing through my head…


Oops. Posted on the wrong alt…

…gimmie, gimmie gimmie?
Says the guy using exploits and cheats to get stuff. :slight_smile:

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