Botting getting very sophisticated

The person sending you a tell is being considerate, they don’t want to report an actual player as a bot, it’s the whole point of asking. I’ll say it again, get over yourself.


I’m guessing it was 4 Mages and 1 Priest, else that would be a raid.

Sounds like you’re expecting these characters to be run by a multiboxer, but they weren’t moving all together, therefore bot…?

I don’t reply to random level 43 Mages bothering me, either, so this isn’t really proof of anything.

If you think they’re botting, report them. Detailing it here on the forums does literally nothing.

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found the flyhacker lul

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Scripted path and movement is very easy to bot, especially if they’re on a circuit. I saw a level 33 rogue running through Duskwood for grave moss. Exact same path each time. He even stealthed in the exact same spots to avoid mobs.

In Badlands, I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of bots with scripted movement paths or patrol segments. You can even screw with the hunter targeting algorithms to get them to leave, or even kill them by kiting too many AoE mobs onto them.

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I said before this is not my main, not that it shows your level when you get a tell from someone. Detailing how a new program is running so people can be aware of it is helpful, at the very least. If you did not understand what I meant about not running together I will explain it further for you. The characters would run from point A to B to C to D and never differentiate from those runpoints, all running maybe 10-15 secs 1 behind the other. This is impossible to do for anything other than a program. I think it is good for the community to posts experiences of bots so that others know what is going on.

You can only whisper people on your main?

Post on your main. Your not forced to change it on the forums. Pick your main and leave it alone. Otherwise your input is less valid. It shows you dont completely stand behind what your posting. Anyone who comes to me with anything that has that lack of conviction is subject to be written off. Most of the world is this way. Food for thought.

Yes because that makes sense posting on an online gaming forum. Because the people breaking the rules are punished I can be sure I would not be harassed for constantly speaking against them.

There we go

Screenshots or it didn’t happen.

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This is very common in Ironforge also. I tried posting in here while back and I was met with the same responses you are getting. These are automated stratholme groups. Believe they can do live side and dead side. This is why righteous orbs are worth nothing. On alliance the groups consist of 3 gnome mages with red mechnostriders, 1 human priest that always has the buff up that makes their hands glow and 1 female warrior or 1 druid. I made a few videos about them and posted the links here but obviously they are no bots so no one watched them.

Their pathing has changed recently for some reason. Maybe because it was getting too obvious or they are just more efficient now. Other than that this has been going on since activision clamped down on how many items you could mail to someone. The bots use to just use Light Hopes Chapel mailbox to send stuff they got in strat, really convenient huh. Now they just go to a main city and do it right in front of all the clueless people.

I’ll try and make another video tomorrow so you can see it Cubbs. They usually start in the morning here on pagle because they get the instance reset. I’ll try and mark the bots this time so people can see them clearly.

EDIT: Here is a video I made yesterday in the evening showing off a strat bot group in Ironforge.