Botting getting very sophisticated

I have 7 confirmed kills now, and blizzard does send you a nice little letter in the mail when you are the first to report a cheater and they ban them. They do not provide you with the exact information, but its enough to know we are contributing.


My mistake

People were sure I was botting.

But different situation I suppose

I want increased honor for killing bots. Fun popping recklessness and killing a whole team on way to strat, but only get like 40 honor per since they have no pvp rank. /sigh


Group of hunter bots the other day… AR Blade flurry Backstab, oh so satisfying.

Months ago, right after transfers to netherwind opened up, had about 10 bots in wetlands all stacked up. Would hellfire about 1:45 after they died to kill them again. Like clockwork.

Good thing they supported more evidence than just failing to reply.

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I found a rogue farming earth elementals in badlands a week ago. The rogue was moving in circles farming and I start doing it too, but his movement where somewhat odd. At some point both come closer to an elemental, I strike it faster and mark it, and the rogue stay still and don’t move at all. When the elemental died, he resumes the farming. I start to follow him and trying to repeat the same thing and the same result happen.

Then I try something different, I mark the elemental, but quickly press ESC and stop hitting it and the rogue (who attacked after me but stop) start to being hit by the elemental. The rogue don’t move at all and get killed by the elemental (but use evasion, somehow). Few minutes after, the rogue is back farming, I do the same thing again and we keep doing it a while and at some point the rogue ress and start running out the zone. 15 min later he come back (I assume he when to repair)

I reported, take screenshot and even add him to my friend list to “camp” him. To the day, he is still in badlands, farming elemental. . .

That is crazy that the bot would be so playerlike. I used to feel proud about disrupting a bot but then I realized they will just keep doing it 24/7, 7 days a week. I would see them on my friends for weeks or months before they got banned. So I just report and leave now. I have a friend on Alliance who says they are doing the same thing and porting out to sell after each run, then running the same path 1 by 1 several feet behind each other. Something to look out for.

What are you doing that prompts all these whispers?


My mage farms certain spots and laps for lotus quite a bit. No one has ever whispered me asking if I were a bot.


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They can get really impressive if the maker puts in the time.

I just got another Blizzard letter in the mail, another confirmed kill!

Check this out!

Then Post on your Main toon then what are you afraid of?

obviously they are strat live bots. nobody farms righteous orbs all day long for 5g each…they do if they are automated botting.

First it started with my 18-20 hour a day farming obsession.

Then it was the lvl 1 accounts I made in reply to another lvl 1s set up that stepped in on my turf.

Then it was the multiboxxing with summoner groups set up. Some people were not aware of the summoners and assumed I teleport hacked.

I had to break the stigma, being a social game, I even took people along with me and split the lotus up. It was quite fun summoning 2-4 other people and we split up the zone, I had macros to call out the spawn. We were doing 4/4 lotus per hour when luck was with us.

Wasn’t always the same people either, I put some effort in to make friends out of enemies. People just didn’t understand me and assumed the worse.

I pumped lotus in on my faction for cheap, slashed prices huge at bwl release to help everyone out.

Sounds like you’re talking present tense. I mentioned earlier my lotus farming was past tense, but I suppose any current lvl 1s probably still get reported for “botting” even though they’re not.

Bots are using fly and teleport hacks.

Why are there always people in here defending botters?

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And you were so offended for being confused for a bot you didn’t bother to reply? I too will send a courtesy whisper before reporting bots, get over yourself.


Oh no a tiny pink chat line popped up in your box in the corner of the screen the absolute horror!!!

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Just an update, this person has been doing the same thing for many days straight. They have been reported so many times, and they have not logged off once that myself or any guildies have seen. Still at it to this day, a sub is a sub is a sub.

Quit assuming what others feel. Annoyed is the correct term.

When ever I replied all I get is salt thrown at me. Why would I open myself to that?!?

Seeing the bigger picture is, I don’t have to reply at all. Makes no difference how anyone feels, I just simply don’t have to reply to anyone for any reason.

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