Bots ruining the game

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This can be found on youtube.384 accounts using bots to farm and not getting banned for this? This is why people leave the game Blizzard,start banning these bots that ruin the economy for actual players {Inappropriate acronym removed}…

Thats not how this works if you read the multiple bot threads theres 100s just like yours youd know there no insta nuke option for bots.


Report them and move on! They do not always instantly remove bots. Sometimes they want to study them to see how to detect others using the same bot. If it is a gold seller they also watch to see what else there doing and where the gold is going too.

Bots have been in this game since day 1. Blame your fellow player and not blizzard. Only so much they can do to stop it. Every time they mess it up so they stop working, they fix it to work again. Never ending fight.


Unfortunately this is an ongoing battle, but there are victories and player reports are key.

If you witness this in game, right click and report for cheating, or if a battleground, for afk play.

If you do not witness this, email the information to

Reports are not accepted here though.


Bot are banned, but not to your timeline.

They’re done in mass waves - for a very good reason. It gives the bot users and makers little notice that they’ve been detected and actioned against, and to disrupt their black market. Otherwise they make changes to avoid detection.

While investigation bots, Blizzard also studies them, then works out how to break them without breaking the game in the process. This too is to disrupt the bot makers as much as possible.

But it takes time.

The only way to truly get rid of bots, is to remove the demand for their black market - those who insist on cheating with gold purchased from illicit gold sellers, or using power leveling services that rely on having them log in and control your character.


This links to the Wrath token thread I know, but in it has an explanation too why they can’t just snap blam bots:


People leave the game for any number of reasons, that others may be botting certainly counts among them, but the idea that we don’t care or don’t work to combat it is fairly ludicrous.

We appreciate your fervor, Balttarr, but linking to a video, which has been going around for a while now, isn’t useful as a report. Tiny little screens which likely provide little actionable information other than than someone somewhere may be botting. Who knows, I’m not part of the Hacks team, maybe they are able to glean info from those videos.

It should also be pointed out that you don’t know the status of those accounts in the video. Saying that they “farm and not getting banned” would indicate you have some insight into the status of those accounts. Which most reasonable people would doubt that you do.

It is entirely possible that some or all of those accounts have already been dealt with by our teams. It is also likely they have created more illicit accounts or using other stolen ones to replace those they lost. It is an endless battle and there will always be videos of things that never tell the whole story but get that outrage train a chugging for the clicks.

There isn’t much more that I can add that isn’t better stated in the link that Forumcat provided so I’m going to lock this one up.