BOTs in Drustvar

Exactly. That’s how I maxxed out my skinning toon. Got tons of stacks of leather, and after I starting tagging the mobs while they mowed them down, I started getting some good gold too.

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Thats a misconception and a lie Blizzard cant afford to let them stay right click and report thats all that needs to be done its lies like that that make people afraid to report.


How much are the bot makers paying you to spread this garbage? If you were actually interested in helping, you would be encouraging others to report bots. You would be encouraging players to no buy gold or pay real money for leveling/raiding/arena ranking.

Saying Blizzard doesn’t ban promotes apathy. Apathy means players stop reporting. If players stop reporting, the problem gets worse. If you want to help, stop spreading lies that Blizzard doesn’t ban. Saying Blizzard “doesn’t ban” helps the botters. Stop helping the botters.


I would like to address the typical answer that Blizzard gives to this issue… ‘right click report’ and I would like to ask why we would bother to go to this effort when Blizzard take absolutely no action against these Bots. I wonder why Blizzard allow this blatant cheating to continue, surely they are aware that the people that run these bots are laughing all the way to the bank and effectively destroying the game for the players that remain withing the set rules. I have personally reported many of these bots that constantly farm Drustvar and they just return time after time. I think the base of the issue is that the script runners are just simply smarter than the Blizzard ‘devs’ that hold themselves on such a pedestal. They say to open a subject in a forum and the devs will read it and action upon it… yet if you take a moment to look at the forums you will see sooooooo many have and they still do nothing about it… sigh… looks like the day is coming when the game will be played by programs and not actual people… won’t that be funny!!!

Blizzard… pull your socks up and give us the ‘service’ we PAY for.

It worked to remove 70K+ in Classic in a months time. Just imagine the effect it has in retail too. Trying to say it does nothing is just playing into the bitting company’s hand.

Encourage right-click reporting as it really does work. Don’t help the botting companies by trying to assert that it doesn’t work.


It’s a constant struggle between legal and development to find and stop these programs, and the criminals who update them to avoid detection.


The General Discussion forums. The Devs do not come here into Customer Support.

As to the rest - it isn’t just a snap of the fingers to snipe every single bot every single time. What you’re seeing is in just one small part of all of the servers and all of the collective worlds. They have to watch for the patterns to break the bots. But even then, bots only do what they do because people still use the illegal websites to buy and sell gold and services.

So rather than all of this hyperbole where it is easier to point fingers with conjecture and derision at Blizzard’s staff, point them where they belong at the players who use these illegal services that keep these bots in business. Blizzard does all that they can and there are results. Just not in that very moment you believe they should and of course they will be back. Because of players who keep enabling these leeches.


Could be multiboxer farmi g the mount drop as well. Food for thought.


Talk to the over 74000 that just got suspended the other day and tell them Blizzard does nothing.

Search this forum since then about suspensions and stories of innicence(not sayi g they are guilty in the least btw) and ask them if Blizzard does nothing. We will wait.


Nobody says that. There is no guarantee devs will action anything from the forums. None.

They might consider it, and if viable might develop the idea - many things in the retail game now all came from player submitted suggestions.

But what will not happen is them going on a bot hunt because of a forum post demanding it. We simply report, they take action. Yes, it absolutely does work but it’s not instantaneous. Blizzard will never ban bots here and there, it’s always a mass ban so not to give the botters and authors warning they’ve been detected. They also need to create a solution to break the bot, without breaking anything else. Not an easy task considering the complexity of WoW.


Because when you use the right-click Report system, it records a lot of information for the investigation team to look at. Much of this information is data that one player cannot give through the old method of opening a ticket.

I don’t think we can comment on who is “smarter”, but just to tackle this. It really has nothing to do with who is “smarter”. It has everything to do with who is “out front” in this battle. Blizzard cannot be expected to anticipate what the bot makers will do before they actually do it.

The developers are always reacting to what they do. Sometimes, that reaction seems to take a long time, as they have to find out what they are doing by reverse engineering it, then figure out a way to break the bot that doesn’t break the whole game.

I mean, there’s one possible way to break all bots forever and ever: don’t allow any character to move from the spot they are in. That’ll end them for sure. But doesn’t sound like a fun game for the rest of us to play, does it?

They do. You pay for access to the servers, and that’s it. There is no guarantee that the game will be perfect, give you every drop you ever wanted, be free from bugs (or bots, in this case), or that you will never encounter someone breaking the rules.


If you don’t right-click report botting when you see it, it’s the same as agreeing to it happening. If you make posts like you have done here, you are helping the botters, and you are doing it for free. Posts claiming Blizzard does nothing and condones the activity breeds apathy. Apathetic players stop reporting. If they stop reporting, the problem gets worse. So thanks for helping promote botting. It looks like that’s how you want the game to be.

They don’t, but it isn’t simply a matter of whack-a-mole banning. That doesn’t work. Maybe you have a better suggestion? Or are you just wanting to bad-mouth Blizzard. It doesn’t get you brownie points. It won’t get you free things.

If players didn’t buy gold or services from them, they wouldn’t have any business. Botting exists in all games, not just WoW. It is a never ending fight. Once Blizzard breaks a bot the bot writer doesn’t just say “oh well, I give up”. The bot writer updates their bot and the cycle begins again.

I think you are full of it. You don’t even know for sure it’s script-runners. You’re just using a term thinking it makes you look like you know what you are talking about. You obviously don’t. The Devs don’t hold themselves on such a pedestal. Players like you claim it, but it doesn’t make it so. And you really shouldn’t talk about how smart someone else is or is not when you post stupid stuff like you have here.

Not in the Support forums. That is not what they are for. In the Community forums like General Discussion. Customer Support does not mean “I’m a customer, support me.”

If you actually took a moment to look at the forums you would have seen a number of threads about players claiming that Blizzard banned them unfairly. If you can’t get such a simple fact right why should anyone believe anything else you post?

You pay for access to the servers. Check the EULA. They do not guarantee the quality of the game. They don’t guarantee it will be bug-free.
Blizzard Entertainment:Blizzard End User License Agreement


​​​​​​​​​​Yep, absolutely no action.


Yup, no action.


At this moment, this thread is literally between two threads complaining about being banned.


That made me laugh more than it should have.


It probably doesn’t help that a certain streamer went on a rant, particularly about bots in classic and Blizzard’s “inactivity” on them, merely a day before Blizzard’s massive ban wave announcement. While I personally can’t stand that streamer, some seem to take their words as gospel.


Nephe, I wish we could be that nimble, we aren’t.


Aye Cap’n!

At least some of us understand how things work behind the scenes, and not take it as some sort of conspiracy theory.

That’s beautifully profound!


You can’t possibly be serious. Lurk the CS forums for a while and you will see a plethora of proof to the contrary.

It’s nearly always better to learn by your own observation than it is to “take somene ele’s word for it.” Even if the community at large is telling you “how it is.”

Lurk here. Participate maybe. You’ll see just how many banned account holders come crying here about their punishment.