Boosting Question

If I’m advertising to boost and I have multiple whispers, could I send one customer over to a second team in the same guild? Or would I be considered a “middle-man” or our guild a “community” and against the rules?

Unfortunately, I don’t think that you’ll be given a black or white answer for something like this.

The closest I’ve seen would be that the person advertising, should have the intention to also be a part of the run as per this post:


I can’t really give you a definitive answer on that one, Sleepyash.

The post quoted by Perl is probably the closest there is to providing some clarity.

The intent of the person advertising should be that they are participating. I imagine if someone contacts you and your group is full, referring them to another guild mate might be okay, but if your habit is to do that, it sounds more like you are the advertiser or activity director, not a participant. So something like that should probably been an occasional occurrence and not a standard procedure.


ty you two.
i didnt want to do this consistently but I know we have more than 3 others who want to run keys. ill just play it safe than sorry.