Boosting in the World First Race

I’m incredibly confused by why it’s allowed that the mythic world first guilds are able to buy boosting services and without any word by Blizzard. Liquid has been pretty upfront in their effort to buy tier and raid pieces at pretty high prices and it all amounts to a massive amount of boosting that’s right in front of the community and the viewers.
I understand this has been a normal activity for RWF but with the new boosting rules made by Blizzard and with how publicly they do this, how is this still allowed? It practically makes the biggest guild with the largest gold fund the front-runner if this is allowed to continue especially if tier pieces are set to become a norm again.


The changes were specifically targeting multi-server boosting communities

What they’re doing isn’t breaking any rules


I get that it’s not against the rules as written, but they are effectively advertising to all servers and are using gold to get a one-up on their competition. No other aspect of the game is like that except for maybe raid consumables but for a guild that’s something that can easily be farmed and managed in-game.

Okay, but it’s not against the rules to do so, so what’s the problem?

These guilds are competing and they’re going to use every advantage they’re able to

I’m pretty sure players can decide to take whoever they want to their raids.

If people want to trade gold for items, short of disabling trade entirely what exactly do you expect to be done to prevent this? Not that I think there is a reason to prevent this.

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I see that it isn’t against the rules, but can’t you see that a concerted effort to buy gear effectively limits competition in World First? This isn’t some small time guild boosting, it’s offering tens of millions of gold to get up on competition specifically to win a highly pushed event by Blizzard.

If any of it is cross-realm, or advertised outside of trade chat? It does violate the rules, I know they advertised outside of trade chat and actually out of the game for their sales. They even advertise on their twitch.

Just tells you Blizzard never cared about equally enforcing their rules.

A small time guild actually killed the first mythic boss before liquid did.

Furthermore, these guilds aren’t the best because of the gear they have. If this was not allowed they’d still be the best.

Win is a loose term. They don’t get anything except bragging rights. That’s it.

How a guild wants to spend their money is their prerogative.

They made the changes specifically to target sellers who were spamming dozens of servers all day every day, not guilds selling boosts for gold, which is still not against TOS

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This is a little disingenuous, the other major guilds we’re doing heroic and norm splits to get tier pieces/clear the last 3 bosses the last day. And if they’d be the best if it wasn’t allowed, why is it allowed then? It just promotes boosting through the entirety of the game if it’s so vocal.

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Wrong. No cross-realm advertising at all, and they even have to be participating in the run ON THAT CHARACTER to advertise. Fullstop. They specifically mention trade, on the server you intend to do the run on only.

Boosting/RMT advertising - #9 by Kaivax

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Because Blizzard doesn’t seem it a breach of the TOS. That’s it.

Which is fine, because it’s not against the TOS.

Boosting overall wasn’t against the TOS, but then blizzard made a decision to do that, these posts are more of talking about why this is a problem versus if it’s against the rules.

I was mistaken. My b.

Bring it up with Blizzard then I guess

That’s what the forums are for, and what people are doing in the first place yes. Don’t have much hope though, because it’s raiding guilds and Blizzards dev team comes from raiders itself so they don’t actually care about this.

It’s fairly common knowledge that Blizzard barely reads the forums.

But it’s not a problem

They read them fine, they just don’t care about the feedback given anywhere correct. You knowing this fact but then going ‘lul take it up with Blizzard then’ proves bad faith arguing in the first place

I guess…why should Blizzard care what a few guilds that get paid to play this game do?

It’s not a real “race” in terms of fairness, it’s just something players like doing.

Going crazy trying to stop this stuff (which won’t stop it) is just going to hurt the actual masses playing the game.

What they are doing isn’t outside of the new boosting rules Blizzard just came up with.

This is just the natural evolution of competition. Back in the day professional athletes used to have normal jobs during the off-season and such. Preparation intensifies the longer an activity exists and is performed.

Who are they buying it from though? That’s what I want to know.

they pay like insane tho , 5 000 000 golds :money_mouth_face:

Actually they’re offering 15 mil