Boosting in the World First Race

I haven’t watched any of this boring crap.

Are they cross-realm advertising in-game?

They are, they are also advertising outside of the game (Against the rules) since trade on the server you intend to do the run on is the ONLY allowed form of advertisement.

If they’re cross-realm advertising in-game…they deserve absolutely 0 special treatment. Report the violators with a level 1 character if you have to.

WF has always been limited. It’s always taken enormous resources to do a WF. Pretty much the entire reason these guilds exist is to do WF.

They play for keep in the WF race, and, when it’s done, win or lose, they then spend the rest of the raid tier building themselves up so they can hit it again. Whether thats making gold, crafting stuff, running mythics endlessly to gear up then entire 20 (30? 40?) man team in full mythic gear so that they can start the next wave with the finest gear available. The gear multiple toons, multiple specs, they freely swap players/classes/specs out from boss to boss, and they all need to be top tiered geared. Because who knows, does an Affliction Warlock offer up 1% more DPS than a Demo or Destro? After the patch releases? For boss #3? This is the stuff they figure out and have to be ready for. So, if your Warlock isn’t geared out for all 3 specs, with the best secondary rolls possible, then you’re not ready.

Once that’s done, they invade the PTR and game out all of the mechanics to find the edge. These guys wipe 100’s of times.

WF is not a 2 week thing. It’s practically a full time chore for these groups.

And it’s open to anyone willing to put in the effort to do this, just know – it’s a LOT of effort.

So, anyway feel free to start your WF guild and get it ready for 10.0.

That is a good question.

this is like a number 1 say race car driver going I need some help…let me pay this guy to teach me.

rest of this…as I ahve said in the past. This is a business to some highest tier players/guilds.

its take money to make money. Business 101.

get 1st or close…see how those site hits pay out at the end. and merch sales if applicable.

Why do you care?

World of Warcraft is a pay-to-win game now.

Except it’s nothing like that, it’s like a number one race car driver and their team investing millions of dollars into their vehicle to squeeze out every little advantage they can, which they already do.

In fact every single world’s first guild spends millions of gold a tier. It’s just standard practice

You don’t know what pay to win is.

These players would still absolutely be the best players in the game even if they didn’t spend a single piece of copper.

Wow. It’s not even Sunday

It’s funny seeing one of you pay-to-win players squirm and make up lame excuses.

Look at my gear and tell me I’m winning lmao

You don’t know what pay to win is and it shows

if i wasnt out of likes i’d have liked your posts in this thread.

no hard feelings about dungeons, bruh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like most things in life that don’t affect me negatively I just don’t care about it

This is blizzard’s hypocrisy for you

/thread gg