Boosting and reporting

Are we allowed to report players for boosting in trade chat if
they have a baby murloc advertising for guilds that is not on your realm

my trade chat is being spammed by guilds I have never heard of because they are on other realms

I’m an ex booster and advertiser for ex communities. I have since moved on with my wow life

I know guilds are allowed to boost, but can they advertise across a bunch of realms that the guild is not even on

I don’t want to report people to have it come under as false reporting

Players are allowed to advertise boosting services under the following conditions:

  • Advertising must be done solely in Trade Chat
  • Payments must be gold only
  • The character doing the advertising MUST participate in the run

More info from Blizzard:


I would assume you mean using a non-combat pet named to help advertisement?

If so, report the name, I believe you can then add detail to your report


You are allowed to report anyone you wish (though I would recommend reporting in good faith), at any time. It doesn’t mean Blizzard will agree, nor will it mean that a possible punishment will deter the behavior.

It’s a solid question, but not likely one that you will get a definitive in here. I believe the intent is for the player advertising to be part of the actual purchased run, which is still possible in this scenario. But as always, there’s a lot of grey area.

Best advice we can give is to report and let Blizzard sort it out.

You don’t have to worry about this, especially if you are reporting in good faith, as I suggested above. This is something that happens when groups conspire to squelch players, not when someone is reporting a possible violation.


No, the baby murloc icon shows up next to new players’ names. I don’t think you see the icon unless you’re a “guide” though.

Basically, baby murloc=new player=no way they’re following the advertising rules.

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