Boosting and Multiboxing

Nah, they got you pegged.

Want me to find citations? You’ve left plenty.

I don’t care at all what you do. You pointed out my post where I said the forums are just a game and like classic I play it for fun. It’s not fun to be bored and you bore me.

I’m not here for your entertainment.

Don’t want to be called out for lying? Stop doing it.

Developers’ notes: The newer limit of 30 instances in a 24-hour period is an extension of the 5 instances per hour limit, which was tracked per-realm since it was first implemented in 2005. The intention behind both of these restrictions is to reduce the profits for new bots when they first come online and haven’t been removed yet.

Never once has blizzard ever mentioned anything about boosting in the initial 30/24 change post or the recent “per character” change. They mention about profits of botting. Blizzard hasn’t even said the words boosting.
As I said:

People can think that this change was, to at least a degree, combat boosting. That’s just biased opinions because they don’t like boosting.

No, all of your posts are very passive aggressive. Relax.

That’s not what I said.

Do you not see how comments like this inhibits you from having a civil discussion?

We ended up having a nice discussion and ended it by understanding each other better. Read the thread while restraining yourself from jumping down other poster’s throats.

On the contrary, I find people who know how to use or buy boosts to level in the fastest speed are the most competent players who are already familiar with all class mechanics and take very little practice at 60 getting skilled.

The people who never interrupt? Probably don’t even know what a boost is. Can’t afford to pay for boosts even after knowing what a boost is.

My lvl 12 rogue died 3 times in Westfall earlier. I am very annoyed and am now just going to use my mage to boost it all the way.

The leveling process after the first, possibly second character is just horrible. I perfectly understand why nobody wants to do it.

I do love dungeon groups at the appropriate level, but if I can’t find one, so be it.

talking about gear boosting/io boosting in retail

The player base in general is very toxic and WOW is a breeding ground right now for racism and racist views. It is quite disgusting and Blizzards response is to ban the victims of racism.

I wonder when people will realize… boosting aka a lot of people not wanting to level their toon in a more traditional way… and wanting to only do the top content… is exactly why CRZ and LFD were introduced.

There are plenty of single player games out there if you don’t like parties, raids, and multiboxing.

Who said anything against party’s, or wanting solo play?

Wouldn’t you be more against that type of play if you’re the one buying the boost? All you do in a boost run is pick up loot.