Boosting and Multiboxing

Both isn’t cheating and perfectly fine. Please try not to tell other players how to play the game just because you don’t know better.

I can hardly read the stubbornness and lack of understanding of the players here in the forum and in the game anymore. I find such players extremely toxic and it would make sense for Blizzard to take action here and punish these troublemakers.

It is explicitly allowed and if you can’t handle it, you should consider playing another game which fits your needs.


Yea it’s bait but I’ll play.

Boosting friends or guild members for the fun of the run isn’t the problem, but you know that already.

Selling runs all day everyday is not in the spirit of the game. It hinders players that can’t afford it, or want to learn a class from the beginning from finding groups, that’s bad for the game. Blizzard seems to think so as well, so they took action to prevent it.

Multi boxing is just part of the game, blizzard has no problems with it therefore there isn’t a problem.

We all pay for access to Blizzards servers. It’s their world, we pay to play in it. If you don’t like the way they run their world, you aren’t forced to pay.


Boosting is trash.
Multibotting is also trash.


I don’t buy and sell runs, but when I think about the game I disagree.

Nothing “hinders” any player that doesn’t use it.

Many players ONLY enjoy max-level gameplay. They don’t enjoy leveling. So they “use any tricks that are allowed” to minimize the leveling work. Boosting, power-leveling, friends with max-level characters, multi-boxing, tiger root, whatever works.

Guess what? There were players like that in Vanilla. Huge numbers of them. It is just as much “the spirit of the game” as what we do.

Does it matter whether it is “a guildie helping me” or “a stranger making game gold”? Not at all. Some people are very bad at talking people into helping them. They hate guilds. It is unfair to punish them by not letting players pay strangers.

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It is a war on accomplishments. People are offended that somebody can work hard and achieve something that they themselves cannot. These envious people are projecting their failures onto others in the form of intolerance and censorship of game play style.

Instead, people should be tolerant and learn to embrace differences and focus efforts to change inwardly.


i dont care about ilvl boosting but its annoying when u sometimes arent paying hard enough to someones io and u inv them then realize half way thru the run that they definitely boosted their io through carries and thats the reason they havent interrupted one ability and died to every mechanic

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how is boosting working and hard and achieving? unless you mean working hard enough irl to afford it


imagine if a game like blackjack had multiboxing and everyone pretends like it was just the way it was supposed to be as you just sit back losing your mind lol


I don’t know if you’re a troll or just wilfully ignorant. I’ve seen you post on this topic many times. Myself and others have expressed why people feel this way about multiboxing, and you still choose to feed your confirmation bias and perpetuate this ludicrous strawman narrative.

If you have no issues with multiboxing, that’s fine. But stop pretending to be so ignorant about why some people don’t like it. You should know very well that the things you’re saying aren’t true.


The problem isnt that boosting is a bad thing, its that boosting is such a ridiculously fast way of leveling that it seems like half the playerbase is doing it. You can do a /who of Stockades, Scarlet Monastery, ZF, and Maraudon and you’ll see far more players in those zones than out in level-appropriate questing areas.

This makes the world feel empty and difficult to quest in if you’re someone who cant afford to boost, because so much of the playerbase isnt out in the world. There are fewer people to help with elite quests or to do dungeons with. It took me HOURS to find a group for Deadmines the other day, because people just start buying Stocks boosts the instant they hit level 15.

Leveling outside of boosts can be tedious and time consuming. There’s a lot of running around and mindless killing of enemies and a great deal of downtime. For boosting, you literally just tab out and watch Netflix until its time to zone out and reset. Then once you hit your 5 instance cap, you log out and hop on another toon.

If dungeons gave less XP if there was a level-capped player inside killing everything, boosting would stop. But people would be absolutely enraged if that happened because people dont want to level, they want to be at 60 so they can raid and PvP. There’s no way to fix it without making people angry, but leaving it the way it is spoils the leveling experience for the people who dont do it or cant afford it.


I’d say if a game of blackjack had 10,000 players for a single game I’d likely lose my mind waiting for the dealer to get done.

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All Cancer = Multiboxing , Boosting , Botting , and so on !


I can understand why people feel and see that boosting creates the feeling of an empty world.

I also see people just AFKing in town and yet I don’t see anyone complaining about these people creating that same feeling of an empty world. If they are in town AFKing, they are not out in the world.

I can also fully understand the concern of people disheartened that there is a lack of people to quest with if they are just being boosted.

  1. If these people are boosting to 60. It would appear that they are not interested in the leveling experience.

  2. It’s not other people’s job to make sure you have the experience that you are looking for. I see this kind of mindset when talking about BG’s and people losing their mind when the other team is just AFKing and the others are like GRRR I WANT TO PVP!

It was like a conversation I had with a coworker. I was talking with someone and they were being rude and started getting annoying. I looked at them and said, “Just because you call my name, doesn’t entitle you to my time.”

I feel that way when I play WoW as well. Just because we share the same space. Doesn’t mean that I have to give you any of my time. If you want to level up, find other people that are wanting to have that same experience as you. It doesn’t matter if it takes you time to find them, that’s not my problem. Please be courtesy enough to not make your issue mine.


solo farm gold inside an instance so that you can pay a booster to kill mobs while you sit at an instance entrance. anti social garbage that shouldnt be in classic. same with multiboxing.


I stood outside of SM w/ a healer and dps friend for nearly 2 hours trying to fill a library group. All three of us searching for a tank and 3rd dps, even offering to summon. The entire time both general and LFG channels were constantly being spammed by people selling boost, and people asking for for one. I sent messages to dozens of people in the 33-40 range asking them to tank, and two of them straight asked if we had a higher level in group to run us through.

Boosting is bad for the community. You can argue and say these people wouldn’t have ran it anyway, but it doesn’t help that people can pay roughly 30g per level to afk at the entrance while someone powers them up to 60.

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Why not?

Just because the game is an MMO, nothing in the title states that people have to be a social butterfly or even remotely social with the community.

When I first start up a toon, I shut off all the channels for socializing and just go about my daily time playing. I might wave or answer a whisper here or there but if no one else was around I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

I am trying out retail right now and in the two days now I think I have seen one other person and I love it. It’s like WoW is a one player game.


Being bad at the game doesn’t mean they boosted their character.

Yeah, so many are hung up on the MMO part but then laugh at the RP community, when we pay attention to the RP part.

Overall, though, I remember the G part. 'Cause at the end of the day, it’s still a Game.

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This is a great point, “they want to be at 60” without putting in the effort or learning the class.

And that’s one of the reasons Retail was ruined as I recall, when Blizzard started selling character boost.

But here we are again, going down a similar path. The only difference, it’s characters selling the boost and gold.

Blizzard may as well give us tokens and character boosts and make the money themselves. Wouldn’t that be the true recreation of the original?

The game is being played differently in classic then it was in vanilla. We can discuss why, different players, more knowledge of the game etc. If it was played this way in vanilla it wouldn’t have become immensely popular with 8 million subs. If this was how it was played all the gamer news sites would have posted that WOW is over run with bots, boosters, and multiboxers and would have given the game a low rating. People would have read the news and ratings and selected a different game to play. Blizzard would have looked at the massive flaws in their game that allowed it to happen and made big changes to the game.


They are. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, I’m going to call it a duck. And no amount of lawyer tricks and twisted words and white lies and technicalities is going to convince me that that thing quacking over there is not a duck.